Klamath River Predicted to Flood Early Tomorrow Morning

Flooded building

This was taken at the bottom of Requa Road where the Klamath River frequently floods. [Photo from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office]

Facebook post from Prepare Del Norte and the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office:

The National Weather Service is now predicting the Klamath River will peak at 42.7feet by 6am on Friday morning. Minor flooding will occur at 38 feet and at 43 feet it will begin to go over the road and start isolating areas such as Requa and the Glenn by morning. Everyone near the Klamath River should be ready to evacuate if necessary.

It’s still unclear how much will be impacted or if the highway will close for a short period of time. Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue staff are spending the night in the area. Be prepared, be careful and be safe!

Have your emergency supplies ready in the event of a power outage.

Updates will be posted on the Del Norte Office of Emergency Service Facebook page, on this website and on local radio stations. Please visit http://preparedelnorte.com/resources/Everbridge# now to make sure your signed up to receive emergency alerts.

If you need assistance or have questions, please call the emergency hotline 707-464-0911.

Please do not call 911 unless there is an actual emergency.

Caltrans states they “will monitor US Highway 101 for flooding and close the road if needed.”



  • Up river on the SoFkTr, it is no f*ckin joke what came off the mtn today! 10.24in last 72hr, 5 the last 24, 54 degrees average on 8ft of snowpack. Never seen that in my creek as I was assessing my pelton wheel setup, which is pretty much under 1000lbs of gravel.

  • What ever happened to the Caltrans Klamath Grade Raise Project that was suppose to protect Highway 101 from flooding by the Klamath River?

    • Hope you are not depending on caltrans. They have had 50 years to think about last chance grade….and still have NO PLAN

  • Caltrans is too busy trying to build a tunnel no one wants in southern CA.
    Well, that’s not quite right. The labor unions and constructions companies and
    one or two cities (in San Gabriel valley) where two streets carry a lot of traffic…and have for 30 years or so.
    No proper EIR. No actual plans on how to evacuate safely the exhaust fumes from the tunnel since it would be vented into a residential area. No safety plans either for evacuating people from the tunnel in case of a fire (such things do happened and have happened with loss of lives, rather famous fires in Europe).
    So they have a budget that doesn’t include the items that really concern people (as above) and already they know they can’t build it even if the Feds kicked in huge amounts of money so they’re saying they’d charge a toll for trucks. The ‘whole purpose’ is to move the trucks with containers from the harbors (import goods) to the 210 & 134 freeway so they can go east or west without having to go through downtown LA.
    So when it comes to an interstate highway which is vital to the area, sorry, they’re too busy trying to mess up peoples lives and raise local taxes.
    I have nothing against the real people who work for Caltrans; the ones who get the roads open and keep us informed…but the planners/managers who run things…sorry, they’re too easily bought by outside interests, or so it seems.
    This is where the area’s state senator and assemblyperson need to get involved….and the county and everyone who lives and breathes and can either write a letter or make a phone call.
    Are they blaming any of it on the Coastal Commission?

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