Interview With Jared Huffman; He Talks Cannabis and the New Administration

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions, public domain photo

With a new administration and a new Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, that has been openly hostile to marijuana in the past, cannabis farmers need to know what laws the government might enforce and how harshly they are likely to enforce them.

Since Donald Trump was elected in November, stock market prices for cannabis related companies have dropped sharply. Sessions once called for the death penalty for those convicted twice of drug trafficking. All this has created a blanket of uncertainty that is even creeping into the heart of the Emerald Triangle.

Our sister publication, the Mendocino Voice interviewed Congressman Jared Huffman from our district and received some interesting insights about multiple issues but of particular interest to cannabis growers was Huffman’s views on the possibility of federal intervention in marijuana related businesses.

Jared Huffman

Among other statements, Huffman warned, “[I]f cannabis businesses start venturing beyond the guidance of the Cole Memo [A justice department memo that gave states latitude to experiment with legal marijuana, under certain guidelines], I think they’re very likely to face federal action, notwithstanding Prop 64.”

Interested in how this could affect the Emerald Counties? Read the whole interview here.




  • Interesting read. Thanks for posting this.

  • Hate speech. Kym, are you there?

  • Why only one comment

  • Your part of the problem if you only post one side

  • Just when all of us small time pot growers thought it was safe to go into the water. Here comes the feds.

  • It used to seem that progress toward sensible cannabis law reform was inevitable.

    Then one day it struck me that the issue might become the next culture war football, like abortion has been–“legal” for almost 45 years, but as hard as ever to get in certain areas.

    Given Sessions’s history as a drug warrior and Trump’s recent comments to a group of sheriffs (would have made Anslinger proud!), it wouldn’t surprise me to see anti-legalization talk and action put forth with renewed vigor by this administration.

  • Huffman is traitorous scum. A culture-obliterating, society-ruining far lefty like Ted “let everyone over the borders” Kennedy (Satan rest his soul). Huffman should be impeached for violating his oath of office. He refused to attend the inauguration and thinks allowing terrorists into the county is fine and dandy. He refuses to face his constituents in Eureka. He sides with radicals who riot in our cities. Guy NEEDS to go ….

  • They both have nice teeth

  • Politicians like diapers should be changed often and for the same reason. Mark Twain

  • The anti-drug campaign is preparing for decisive, crippling blows in the Triangle under Jeff Sessions. Following Session’s recent meetings with local law enforcement I expect new measures to be announced soon. In addition to the Travel Ban I expect related measures to include repeal and replace of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 to require 100% medical disability. Other possibilities include construction of locationally triangulated makeshift prisons as eradication and enforcement intensifies. All efforts designed to un-burden and reward the tax-paying American.

  • Hahahahahahahaha, well played. Sessions is a scape goat. Sessions is the fall guy.
    Never mind who holds the purse.

  • Here’s a question for Huffman. Why are the Democrats refusing the REINS ACT?

  • Another question for Huffman. Why isn’t he sharing about & discussing Rand Paul’s affordable insurance replacement plan that truly is affordable & inclusive?

  • Last question, for now. Have you ever studied the Duties of the House of Representatives?

    • The Duties of the Attorney General does not include the creating of laws. Only Legislators can create laws.
      Huffman creates laws, controls the purse strings, and forwards the voices of the people. He may fund constitutional Laws, and must defund unconstitutional laws. His role is to keep the Government under control, free from tyranny.
      The Attorney General’s duty is to enforce & carry out the Law, as chief Law enforcement officer.

  • Hell yes. Let’s fight and do everything we can to get pot leagle for everyone. Then the prices will drop so much it will put growers out of business. So far so good. Pot prices are lower than they were in tho 80’s.

  • If California becomes a sanctuary state the Mexicans and Indians should take back their land.

  • Trump is going to do a surprise attack on Marijuana because its already illegal. He doesnt have to do anything but enforce the law that is already there.
    Do you think he will empower all the liberal pot entrepreneurs that are against him like Whoppi Goldberg?

    • Trump is a business man. One of these big company’s is going to offer him lots of money in the way of campain contributions. billions to be made. There working out details on how to get there cut. Like it or not , Pots not going away. Growers who can’t keep up with the changes will be gone one way or another. Its not 1950. The geanie is out of the bottle. Get use to it.

  • I’m hoping for federal enforcement . Something needs to stop this out of control mega ton weed business before this area is turned into a ghetto. 10 mandatory years for anyone growing more than 200 plants would be a great start. Bring our community back to us before its destroyed!

    Instead of making criminal illegal aliens a big priority & following the crazy Democrat agenda Huffman should help to get something to replace that overpriced high deductible Obamacare forced on the citizens.

    Doing something to reduce the near 20 trillion debt would be nice also before its to late. I’m old & won’t be stuck with paying the debt but everyone’s kids will get stuck instead.

    • I agree. All the feds have to do is audit the coonties to see the revenue stream from permit grows. They will see there is no record keeping and that its all being shipped out of state. Game over.

    • And put those growing over 200 plants where exactly? The Federal and State prisons are full and overcrowded. Some Fed prisons built for 750 are housing 1800 men, triple bunked in 10’x 9′ cells already…and can’t hire Fed prison guards with Trumps Federal hiring freeze…

      • They arent going to mess with the little guys. Just the greedy big boy legal aholes. You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig

  • I thought it was interesting that he doesnt even know the legalization proposition is in effect already…. He thinks its not legal until 2018. Isnt it his JOB to know these things??

  • Trump just sat down on Valentine’s Day with New Jersey governor Chris Christie to talk about appointing him to United States drug czar .. sessions and Christie working together….. good luck .. everyone who has applied for permits remember the old saying.. give the sheep just enough rope to hang your self.. you just signed up for your own felonies
    Source marijuana. Com

    • That is not going to happen.

      • How about being current and read the news and pay attention to what this administration is doing.. books are great for leisure

        • Mattie legalization is a little bigger then northern California. You really think Trump and company are going to go after over half the country. I wish they would but is just not going to happen.

          • Trump and his cronies are already going against the country on all sorts of issues.. planned parenthood.. immigrants .. healthcare.. just to name a few .. they already make billions on oil / war.. pharmaceuticals etc.. marijuana an easy target for them to take away from a handful of states and believe me they will make tons of money from it

            • You say half the country? Only a small fraction of states have legalized marijuana. I am not referring to medical marijuana. Legal marijuana will be there target

              • We are all going to find out sooner than later. I read everything I can find on the issue. Between states rights and so much on there plate, I just don’t see any clear indication at this point that they going after recreational weed.

  • edit???why am i being moderated

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