[UPDATE 9:45 p.m.] Damaged Equipment Shuts Down Power to Over Two Thousand PG&E Customers in SoHum

PG&EPower has been out to over two thousand customers in Garberville and the surrounding areas since about 1 p.m. According to PG&E, they have “[f]ound damaged equipment on a power pole.”

They have sent a repair crew to the location of the problem but, as of 3:30 p.m., they have no estimated time of restoral.

UPDATE 6 p.m.: PG&E reports that power has been restored to over 500 residences but over 1400 are still without electricity. They now estimate power will come back on around 8 p.m.

UPDATE 9:45 p.m.: Some customers are still without power. Check this site for the latest information.



  • Power to the People!

  • Thank Your Lineman

    Pge used to have a well staffed crew out of Garberville now the have an overworked skeleton crew and sub contractors . Thank Your Lineman Their Job is 5 times more dangerous than any police officer just to let you know

    • They are definitely OVERWORKED, during storm time.. but people complained during non storms about full crews NOT working, so they cut back in Garberville
      PG&E brings crews from all over CA , and yes are Forced to hire contracted work..
      I am the widow of a 45 yr PG&E employee, so feel pretty knowledgeable on outage/storm situations
      YES THANK YOU PG&E workers!!
      Also thanks to CalTrans, County Roads,, All overworked!!!

    • PG&E crews are AWESOME! Dangerous job under terrible working conditions. Be careful guys and stay beautiful!

  • 5:43
    Power still out in Redway

  • The pge site now says 8 pm

  • Thank you to all the folks out working on the roads/lines. We appreciate you!!

    • Yes…if you meet a PG&E troubleman at the grocery store, or at the truck, get their cell phone number so that these heroes can get a call from someone who SEES a problem and can describe the location accurately, along with what they see. The problem I have with the 800 number is that they don’t know where we are…”are there dogs in the yard and what’s the closest cross street…do you know if anyone else is out of power”. Or get involved with your local fire department/company, as they get reports on where outages are, or where the roads are down…and that’s because they report them, too! Don’t assume that someone else will report what you’ve seen…community means helping one another…

  • Back on 6:45 in redway, thank you pge!!!

  • PG&E.may be a disgusting company, but the people who are out in the rain working to get my power back on are HEROS in my world. Thank you. Bless you. Stay safe.

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