Slide Closes Elk Creek Road; ‘No Gas for You’

Slide closes country road

A propane tank is unable to complete its delivery after a slide collapsed on Elk Creek Road. [Photo by Kathy Kennedy]

The hill swallowed Elk Creek Road this afternoon. The slide occurred about 1/2 mile up from the Avenue of the Giants, according to reader Kathy Kennedy who sent in the photo.

According to Kennedy, the propane truck “had to turn around so whoever was expecting propane isn’t getting it today.”



  • I came through at about 2 pm today, and the road was open to 1-way controlled traffic. Further up, approx 0.25 mi past the maintenance yard, on the west side of the road (Elsie’s Driveway) there is a growing failure of the pavement lens…deep and probably extending under the roadway. This is exactly where an earlier failure was filled a coupe of weeks ago. Road Maintenance has a sign there. But everybody on the road should be watching. It looks like the road could fail right there at any time, as the void clearly extends underneath the pavement, across the road.

  • I hope everyone takes care on the roads this week it’s down right f-ugly

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