Gunshot Victim Refuses to Cooperate With Mendocino Sheriff’s Officers

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

mendocino sheriff's cloth badgeOn 02-07-17 at approximately 2:36 P.M., deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the Covelo Volunteer Fire Department at 75900 Highway 162 for a reported gunshot wound victim.

When the deputies were responding, they were informed that the victim was being transported by ambulance to Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits, CA. MCSO detectives responded to the hospital and attempted to interview the victim, who was identified as Jefferey Joaquin (22 year-old from Covelo, CA). Joaquin refused to cooperate with this investigation and did not provide any possible suspect information or a possible location where this crime occurred.

Joaquin appeared to have been shot in the chest or torso area with a large caliber firearm, which was believed to possibly be a handgun.

Deputies responded to Covelo and met with Round Valley Tribal Police officers who were in the 22500 block of Refuse Rd. where Joaquin was reportedly found after the shooting. Deputies searched the area for possible evidence related to this investigation, but were unable to confirm the exact location of where the incident may have occurred.

This incident is currently under investigation and anyone with information related to this case is encouraged to contact the MCSO Tip Line at 707-234-2100 or by email at



  • TaxpayerSteveDobbs

    Goes to show not to use big calibers unless they are magnums or specials,
    Guaranteed a 38 special , 10mm , 357magnum,would beat the stubby wider 45 cal any day of the week not just decapacitating but obliterating any attacker at close range.
    Know your calibers, go to your local range and fire off a few different calibers find an open range and blast some melons and wooden posts to get an idea of what damage occurs to your targets and get acquainted,comfortable so you can shut down any threat to your person, family or property.
    Who knows what this guy did or didn’t do, but as a realist I’m led to believe there’s a reason he’s shady with the authorities. Have a good day and stay off private property and keep your mouth shut otherwise you could end up like this guy,…

  • Good advice taxpayer at least if you’re going to shoot a smaller caliber like a 9 mm like my wife does at least have some good man stopping ammunition

    • It’s all about shot placement and the number of shots placed. The ballistically challenged often rely on advice that is basically moot due to the overall lethality of modern ammunition design. One shot stops average about 10%, with a higher amount of those coming from the larger diameter slugs such as the .45 auto. Don’t worry about which caliber to carry as much as honing your skills.

      • So basically use a dead men tell no tales style of ammo.
        Day off to me is a day on for you kym, when it comes to editing anyways, good job and thanks!

      • Guest where do you fine all this info. or do you just make it up. i can see you dont know shit about guns, just more bla bla.

    • Its not the caliber of the ammo that makes it lethal, it’s where its placed.
      The most dangerous thing on a gun is the person holding it.

  • Good lord you all are crass!. Maybe its different culture over there. Maybe you dont talk to police there. Period. Whatever is going on there, in this culture we arent supposed to openly chat about how best to kill people.

  • I believe the poster’s are suggesting how to defend one’s self from and attacker trying to kill them. “In this culture we aren’t supposed to openly chat ” Have ya heard of a little thing called freedom of speech?

  • How can you assume this person was doing something bad at the time of being shot? I mean, in this day and age, there is no way to tell who is the “bad” guy and who is the “good guy”. Every thing is speculation, and even if someone is doing something illegal, that does not dictate their death. For the love of people, the earth, your family –have some respect for other living beings. The only way you can defend yourself is with a firearm? Hmm…Interesting.

  • Exactly, the perp was probably just saying ” great to see you ” and shot the guy instead of giving him a hug.

    Firearms expert Jeff Cooper studied the subject of stopping power for 20 years. His choice and verified by hundreds of incidents was 45 stopped attackers 90% of the time with a single shot. The best outcome of any dispute is to never get shot with anything.

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