[UPDATE 5:44 p.m: Open] Briceland Thorn Road to Close for Several Hours Today

construction ahead sign[See updates below] A culvert failure near Huckleberry Hill forced Humboldt County maintenance workers to come up with a plan to save one of the most traveled county highways–Briceland Thorn Road. A temporary bridge will be transported from northern Humboldt and laid across the failing part of the road.

Unfortunately this will require the road to be shut down for quite some time–possibly as many as four hours. Probably the shutdown will occur around 10- 11 a.m. But the time has yet to be announced.

However, please plan your day accordingly. Plan to travel through the area before 10 a.m. and not return until after 3 p.m.

We will update as soon as more information is available.

UPDATE 9:15 a.m.: According to Denton Carrick from Humboldt County Public Works, the road crew has not yet been able to secure a permit for this emergency work. “We might get to it today or we might not,” he said.

Luckily, the culvert is continuing to hold up enough that the roadway is safe to travel.

As soon as we know whether the closure will happen today, we’ll update you.

UPDATE 9:55 a.m.: The bridge has been permitted and is headed south now. The road will close around 11:30 a.m. and won’t reopen for around four hours. Please prepare to be on the side you need to be on before and after those times. We will keep updating when new information comes in.

UPDATE 10:13 a.m.: According to Humboldt County Public Works, the road will close from noon until 4 p.m.

UPDATE 5:44 p.m.: According Denton Carrick, the road opened back up a bit ago. However, the torrential rain kept the material used to put the bridge in place from working correctly. So the crews will be back out tomorrow working on it. There will be one way controlled traffic while they work. Meanwhile, the vehicles can go through the area.



  • What about those who need to pick their kids up from school out there??
    Will I be able to get past at 1??
    Because if I have to sit there till 3 I will be very upset and so will the school.

    • The idea of letting folks know is so they can make preparations to be on the side they need to be. So leaving before 11:30 would be a good idea. Plan to do something fun in town until the road opens back up.

    • You need to get past the problem area before noon and then stay in town til around 4 p.m.

    • Anon- you sound like an entitled, sniveling bitch. Are you by any chance a pot princess?

      • Actually, I was wondering the same as Anon. As I have a preschooler that only attends from 9-1. And I would have to just stay on the other side for a bunch of hours on a rainy windy dark day if I couldn’t get back to Whitethorn/Shelter Cove area. It was a very valid question. And I’M NOT A POT PRINCESS, just a parent of a preschooler. But I have been known to be a bitch, especially if it involves my children and their well-being… Like picking them up from school or daycare on time.

  • TaxpayerSteveDobbs

    Humboldt counties deferred maintenance, poor road engineering and undersized drainage (culverts) are making conditions worse than they have to be, let alone making it very hazardous, endangering county residents to an unacceptable level, all while supes are giving themselves raises in closed door meetings. There will be more mismanaged funds once the legal dope money really starts flowing. So what happened? Aren’t we paying more sales tax for about an entire year? Fix the Roads Humboldt county! Don’t tell us its ok because your not cultivating cannabis! Your letting cannabis get cultivated! And now making money on it.

    • And tell the bastards to use some of that money to come repave my driveway. Damn socialists.

    • boo hoo for me my weed and my cash

      Ugh.  SO tired of the ‘me me me’ from So Hum whiners.  Never mind there are thousands of multi-millonaires (all cash)  in the hills who really are STILL not paying their fair share of taxes.  And THEY are the primary users of these roads.  And you know what else, weather happens.  Think about that before you move into an area with HEAVY rain and unstable soils and geology.  No-one wants anything to do with the .gov until they want their own personal bailout for their decision to live in a remote area with limited services.  Its like hearing from people in New Orleans building and rebuilding in a Hurricane flood zone, or in So Cal building into the wildland urban interface and having their property burn down.  At least most of them pay legitimate taxes (not JUST sales tax, sorry).  Oh and they are not making huge sums of cash breaking the law.  Take another trip to Costa Rica on all your cash and keep whining while the REAL workers of this area try and fix the road for your grow dozer. Otherwise man up and fix em yourselves or stfu and wait until the county gets to it you babies.

      • Well, I’ve never been to Costa Rica. Can’t afford vacations. I live in So Hum, raise my kids here, and contribute to my community. I do not deserve the comment you felt necessary. Just to be clear, I’m sure there are plenty of people who do not pay their fair share of income tax. They do however pay plenty into sales taxes all over Humboldt County and beyond. Humboldt county has thriving non-profits all over that receive from the industry. It’s not a perfect situation, but it’s what we have. Again, I do not deserve to be called names just because you assume something about my community.

        This article was about passing information along because closing Briceland Rd for 4 hours is a big deal. We all have lives, kids, jobs, appointments, grocery shopping to do, etc., etc. If you don’t want to hear about, go away and don’t read these posts, it clearly does not pertain to you anyways! Enjoy all the things you benefit from with the sales tax in the state and county!

        • boo hoo for me my weed and my cash

          Whatever. Not saying it isnt a big deal, or a huge inconvenience. I was responding to “TaxPayerSteveDobbs” and I stand by everything I said. The nickel and dime non profits operate on PENNIES and lots of GOVERNMENT money. The rip off going on from smug, greedy “industry” growers is a financial and environmental atrocity. You can throw in with SteveDobbs and his comments if you want but the facts remain. I’ve met way too many wealthy greedy growers who collect public assistance, bitch about government services constantly, and really dont contribute much. The sooner the green rush ends the better for our environment and our community. Its a REAL big issue and comes to the forefront at times like this. Keep living your delusional lie. The progressive eco utopia that used to exist in sohum is long gone and has been replaced by whiny greedy hypocrites. I’m sorry my penetrating truths hurt your feelings, but its time to get real. Seriously. Be patient, though, people who work real jobs will still bail out your rediculous life choices, eventually.

          • boo hoo for me my weed and my cash

            You got me totally wrong. I will be fine because real work actually pays off… in money thats not stuffed in pickle barrels lol. Good luck later in life when youve blown your pinner stash [edit]. Im proud of all the hard shovel work I did to get where I am and trust me, its a VERY comfortable place. [edit]

      • My neighbor goes to Costa Rica, has kids at school and grows pot.
        He’s actually signed up with the county, going legal.he doesn’t have a grow dozer though, but if he did I’d be stoked for him because he works hard, in the hills, luggin shit up and down all day. Unlike you id be genuinely happy for anyone that isn’t a total idiot in such a small community, rotting away being miserable, due to having burned all their bridges down. You sound like one of those that never figured out how to succeed with all that opportunity around, not,being able to put one and one together. Or please tell me about how smart you are and chose to work until your hands bleed because maybe you think your a horse or donkey.
        I have so many vehicles I don’t hardly get to drive my dozer, not that these roads here deserve me taking out the dozer. I’ve got the garage full of cars, its what garages are for, the poolhouse holds the pool equipment, the guest house is for guests and model trains in the basement along with a shooting range. Just can’t seem to get full, I just can’t get enough, always partied hard, sex and rock and roll, of course a ton of drugs orgies for months, but I’m still so hungry, went down and reserved the best plot at the cemetery just for me, paid in cash of course, but I’m still hungry!
        I might just come down and eat this whole town up I can’t get enough, I can’t get enough,..

      • I drove 20k miles in SoHum last year, all of it work related. I paid taxes on fuel, taxes on my vehicle, taxes on 35k worth of materials, and taxes on my income. I live in SoHum and I pay my fair share, we are not all ‘pot growing millionaires’. If I want to bitch about all the things my tax dollars should be paying for that is my right. If you don’t like it you can take a long walk…

        • boo hoo for me my weed and my cash

          Yep. Boo hoo. Theres always exceptions but no denying the broader trends. The need of people like you to defend what is obvious dysfunction and ugliness never ceases to amaze me, and is an impediment to positive change. Everything from here out further proves my point. Good luck, whiners. Peace OUT

        • Awesome reply, boo boo is stuck in a rut, he needs to change that flat tire attitude otherwise he’ll never get anywhere.

          • boo hoo for me my weed and my cash

            Yah. Cool. Keep criticizing the county workers, construction workers, and others making your life work, while defending ignoramous commentors, (dude looks like a lady… REALLY?) and greedy growers. Awesome. You will definitely get somewhere great. I will continue to be thankful and grateful for people busting their ass out in the storm, and law abiding trust worthy citizens that pay their fair share of taxes. THANK YOU to all of them. I know where I am and where I’m going, and I’m sorry you are so lost.

            • boo hoo for me my weed and my cash

              You are obviously brilliant. Sorry you got your feelings hurt by the truth. Lol.

            • Quit whining boo hoo

              Exactly who complained about county workers, construction workers or anyone who makes life work? The only one complaining about ridiculous things is you……

      • That’s a great idea whiner. think I’ll spend another month in Costa Rica. Text me when you get those potholes filled

        • boo hoo for me my weed and my cash

          You are so cool. I’m sure everyone loves a great human like you and admires your integrity. After all, money IS everything. I can only imagine the high quality people you must surround yourself with. So jealous. Good luck with your life.

          • No money isn’t everything. Nor is spending all my time gathering it. Spending a couple months gathering enough to spend the majority of my time with my family is everything. Don’t forget to text when those potholes are filled. Ciao

  • Lol. Well played sir.

  • Where along Briceland Thorn Road is the closure?

  • thanks for the update, I changed plans when I got this news..

  • TaxpayerSteveDobbs

    Why wasnt this engineered correctly ?
    Who are the original engineers?
    Why is the counties work constantly failing?
    Names of responsible individuals?
    How much does this cost?
    All these things we have the right to know.
    Lets get details. Is the new culvert going to be sized for a millennia flood?
    What’s really going on?

  • Kym, (or readers) can you give a description of exactly where on Briceland-Thorn Road this culvert is? And does anyone have photos? Thanks!

    • This is the sharp curve that heads up towards Hostadts heading west, past briceland.
      Someone please correct me if its not that spot, thats the area i refer to as huckleberry hill.

  • Drivin' by everyday

    Does anyone know if the road is still closed?

  • Any word on if she is open? It’s 4:30.

    • T-Ridge firefighter

      Yes, one lane controlled traffic. They’re still working on it, but it’s open.
      Thanks, country roads, thanks guys, for working in the rain…

  • They are still working on it, but let cars through between 4:15 – 4:30 (my husband just made it to Shelter Cove).

  • And the haters gonna hate hate hate hate…..

    If you need to put so hum down please do so to yourself in your house, we dont wanna hear your whining.
    If you fall off a cliff make sure to tell the so hum volunteer tech rescue team what loser so hum whiners they are. Grab a clue in the meantime.

    Lets take the time to thank some county road workers instead of complaining. I cant imagine maintaining all this old infrastructure, and they are doing a pretty damn good job considering. When i called to report a blocked culvert they were very professional and helpful as was the guy who showed up to check it out.
    We all complain a lot, i challenge us all to be thankful for the little things and to say thank you when parts of our local govt are actually doing their best to help the general public.

  • Thats confusing …so is the road open while there is no crew at work?

  • Came through about 6pm. Not finished or perfect, but I certainly appreciate the hard work and dedication of our county roads crew. I’m sure they have not had much down time, sleep, or family time lately. Thanks for keeping us moving!

  • Thanks to the county workers who worked getting this set up today in the pouring rain. Here’s another shot I took on my way home at 6 pm. There’s a huge amount of water going under the road here. I had no idea the old rusted out culvert was so big until I saw the collapsed half they took out. That spot at the edge of the road has been slowly collapsing for a couple of months.

  • Rich - Shelter Cove Homeowner

    hope everyone that uses the roads from Garber/Redway areas could be a bit more vigilant about throwing trash along the side of the road. left the Cove last weekend and filled a large garbage sack full of trash. another thing maybe we could use some of the material that the Resort Improvement District has and do some preventative maintenance on the road. we could really make a difference if we worked together on this. our family has property in Tehama County, our roads rarely get help from the county, but we work together as a team and keep the roads open all year, thru washed out roads, fires and snow removal. I’ll bring livations :=}

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