[UPDATE 3:11 p.m.] Roads and Weather: Tuesday

Weather imagesHigh winds and heavy rains last night knocked out power to over a thousand customers in the Humboldt Bay area, flooded roads, and sent hillsides spilling onto highways.

The National Weather Service reports wind gusts near 50 mph on Woodley Island and 53 mph in Arcata. Cooskie Mountain in the King Range showed a gust of 66 mph and Ship Mountain in Del Norte County had a gust of 70 mph.

Today should be rainy and windy again. The Eel River at Fernbridge may reach flood stage tonight.

Slides and downed lines are hindering travel in several areas. Below is what we know at this point but there are more issues that we haven’t confirmed. As more information comes in, we’ll update in blue.

Major Highways:

Humboldt County Roads:

Here’s what we know. As we learn details, we will add the information below.

  • Alderpoint Road one lane at 1.5mm and one lane controlled traffic at 34.79mm
  • Benbow Drive Closed
  • Berta Road flooded
  • Briceland Thorn Road at
    • Huckleberry Hill 1 lane controlled traffic
    • China Creek– cleared but take it slow as the roadway is somewhat flooded. (See here for the latest info.)
  • Bull Creek Road closed about a mile west of Hwy 101. Downed tree. Could take most of the day to clear.
  • Cannibal Island -Flooded
  • Coffee Creek Road closed
  • East Branch Road (East Benbow Drive) in Benbow one way controlled traffic

    East Branch Road slide. [Photo by Bill Staples]

  • Eel River Drive closed at 1.0mm
  • Eel Rock Rd. – 1 Lane Controlled traffic at PM 2.7
  • Graham Road flooded
  • Hidden Court closed
  • Hookton Road flooded
  • Howard Heights Flooded
  • Kimtu Road (west of Garberville) flooded 
    flooded country road

    Kimtu Road is flooded. [Photo by Marianne Odisio]

  • Kimtu Road (Willow Creek) 30 to 40 foot tree across road
  • Kings Peak road closed at mile marker 7
  • Landergen Road closed
  • Mosswood Lane closed
  • Newton Drury Scenic Parkway closed at the northend (See here for more information.)
  • Nunnemaker Rd at Eel Rock Rd. Closed- Slide/Slipout      
  • Oakcrest (in Benbow) closed
  • Old Arcata Road/ Jacoby Creek Road closed due to flooding
  • Patricks Point Drive (Closed) Should be open by close of business
  • Port Kenyon closed
  • Salmon Creek Road closed at 0.56mm detour 101 or Maple Hills Road
  • Shively Road 1 lane controlled traffic at 3.56mm and 7.00mm
  • Stagecoach Rd. – PM 1.00 Closed
  • Wilder Ridge Road closed at Landergen Road indefinitely no alternate route. (See here for more details.)


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