Redwoods Rural Health Center Closed Today After Yesterday’s Evacuation

Although Redwoods Rural Health Center reopened yesterday following evacuations in the morning caused by a mysterious illness that sent at least one to the hospital, today, some patient appointments were cancelled.

According to Executive Director Tina Tvedt, “RRHC is closed for the rest of today until 1 pm tomorrow, Feb. 8….We are having the building inspected.”

We did receive a press release from the Health Center earlier this morning thanking the community for their patience but not mentioning the closure.

Redwoods Rural Health CenterRedwoods Rural Health Center wants to thank the community for their support and local emergency responders for their quick action on Monday, February 6th.

Redwoods Rural Health Center employees followed emergency protocol and evacuated the medical building after an apparent incident.  Humboldt County Public Health Hazardous Materials Unit responded and fully investigated the area. After determining there was no apparent danger, everyone was allowed to re-enter the building and resume normal operations.  Thanks to Redway Firefighters for staying at RRHC for hours and to CALFIRE for responding during the initial call, as well as Public Health and City Ambulance.

We understand this was an inconvenience for some patients and appreciate everyone understanding the need to follow protocol.  Thank you for your patience and continued support for Redwoods Rural Health Center.

Tina Tvedt Schaible, Executive Director

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