[UPDATE 1:27 p.m.] Multiple Deputies Responding to a Report of a Man With a Gun

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeAccording to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, at approximately 11:30 a.m. law enforcement received reports of a man firing shots in the 1600 block of Woody Road in McKinleyville. This possibly stemmed from a road rage incident

Multiple deputies responded and the possible suspect did not comply with verbal orders.

Six deputies are on the scene and the California Highway Patrol is assisting.

According to the scanner, the man is “advising that he is not armed but refusing to put his hands up.”

UPDATE 12:34 p.m.: The Sheriff’s Office has a “less than lethal beanbag shotgun” at the scene should it become necessary, explained Lt. Swithenbank.

UPDATE 12:36 p.m.: The suspect has been detained. Deputies are clearing the residence.

UPDATE 12:41 p.m.: “Two people were shot at,” according to Lt. Swithenbank. “There were no reports of injuries at this time.”

UPDATE 1:23 p.m.: Woody Road is closed. All photos provided by Stormy Taylor.

Residence of the suspect.

Road blocked by law enforcement.

UPDATE 1:27 p.m.: Our reporter on the scene spoke to an officer who told her that this appears to be an altercation between family members. One attempted to shoot the other. At this point, he said. Law enforcement wasn’t sure what was a crime scene and what was not so the whole road is closed to through traffic until they figure it out.



  • OMG!!!!!! Can’t leave your house here anymore.

    • Why not? just be aware and you will be fine, drive nice and be kind to others, always try to de escalate any agreesive behavior, but be prepared to defend your self at all times. I guess it’s the old walk softly but carry a big stick

  • The left-hand lane is for passing only!

    • Yes, The right-hand lane is for sticks, limbs, rocks, broken tires, chuck holes and animals. I always drive in the left-hand lane until someone approaches behind me. Then I don’t care if I am doing 105 MPH, I will always pull over to allow passing. I don’t want to be part of somebody else’s wreck.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yeah, that’s great until the one time you don’t see someone coming up on you. It’s a safety factor to have oncoming vehicles from behind quickly visible in your outside rear-view mirror. This is consistent when in the right lane only. That’s why the law. You don’t want to be in a wreck, so to hell with law and safety? In decades of driving, the hazards you mention seem miniscule to me. You just want to do what you want to do. That I do understand.

  • long wet winter forces everyone inside , tempers flare being cooped up
    hope everyone is safe and those that need help get it

  • I think every law abiding tax paying American should start packing a weapon of self defence could be the use of martial arts could be a fire arm or both anywhere in Humboldt co .If you want to feel protected because our police aren’t doing much to protect and to serve.

    • That’s what the Framer’s had in mind. The DeFramers have a totally different outlook. There were ten in the bed, when the little one said, Roll over, roll over! So they all rolled over and one fell out, left 9 in the bed, then the little one said, roll over, roll over! ….

    • They do what they can, but yes you are right every law abiding citizen should be properly trained and go get there ccw permit in this day and age, our sheriff is one of the very few in this state that will give you a permit if you meet the criteria,

  • I’m going to get mine asap , criteria is the right word for it if you meet that criteria I don’t think there’s a whole lot of us left that meet the criteria.

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