[UPDATE 1:07 p.m.] Redwoods Rural Health Center Evacuated

Breaking news graphicOne person passed out and others are feeling sick at Redwoods Rural Health Center at 101 West Coast Road in Redway as of 10:38 a.m., according to scanner traffic. The building has been evacuated, according to a report to the emergency dispatcher.

An ambulance is responding.

UPDATE 10:52 a.m.: One patient is being transported to the hospital.

UPDATE 11:18 a.m.: The Redwoods Rural Health Center Executive Director states, “No comment at this time.”

UPDATE 1:07 p.m.: According to Brian Anderson, Redway Fire Chief, “We don’t know at this point what happened.” Several people, he said, fell ill in the medical building. Both the dental and the medical building were evacuated before Redway Fire arrived on scene.

“We searched the building,” he said. “We can’t find anything.” The building is heated by electricity and there was no odor. There had been a generator running earlier that day when power went off, but, Anderson said that the generator stopped running about 4 a.m. when power was restored. The generator was far enough away that no fumes should have affected those in the building, he said.

One person was taken to the hospital and another may have chosen to go on their own later, Anderson said.

A team from Humboldt County’s Office of Emergency Services will be bringing a gas meter that can vet the building for four gases. They are expected to be at the scene by 1:30 p.m.

At this point, the medical building is still evacuated. However, Anderson said, the staff have been allowed back into the dental building which didn’t have any issues.



  • I wonder what the heat source is…

  • DumpTrumptheChump

    Yikes! Hoping all are OK!

  • Hope all is well! My wife worked there and they are all good people

  • EPA doing some testing again? If they can’t repeat their illegal experiments & studies for their conclusions , they lose face & funding.
    All snarkiness aside, I hope they will be okay and the problem discovered and fixed promptly.

  • Check for carbon monoxide coming from heat source.

  • Check for H2S, sewer gas.

  • I remember when they were building the clinic one problem they had was the fact that there had been a log pond on site and the fact that there were sunken logs in the pond was a problem as to an unstable foundation. Don’t know if that has anything to do with this. A lot of times this kind of thing is mass hysteria. One person gets ill and others develop “symptoms”.

  • Generator if the power goes out and no carbon monoxide detectors on site.

  • Is this at Redwoods Rural Dental Clinic?
    Been in with the new talented hygienist for cleaning 3xs last year. Last I was in we talked about the “fumes”..and the dank cold in that room with no insulated outside metal door…and no windows to open for ventilation..no exhaust fans…we assessed this and I told her I am very wary about such toxics buildup indoors can cause “sick building syndromes”…causing disabling injuries. She said she has to work in that all day long. I wore my WEIN Personal Air Supply on 9volt and felt extremely thankful for the oh so skilled dental cleaning… And oh so grateful I was not disabled by the huge amount of fumes in the dentists chairs work areas all along the back wall?!?!

    Being hyper allergic to air borne toxics and having had Reactive Airway Syndrome… Anyway I regret not reporting this because like I told my hygienist, I am concerned for her and all the staff and all the patients…I believe it should most certainly be illegal to run a dental clinic without proper VENTILATIONS and healthy heating. That building needs real clean green radical remodelling adaptions!

  • Spurious Truthyist

    Well, I worked at the dental clinic and it’s separate from the main building… so which building are we talking about here? To sterilize instruments, we used two ‘Harvey Chemclaves’ which used a type of formaldahyde solution, which I would complain about having those fumes not getting properly vented. I remember a lot of times of not feeling great there.

  • Geeze I hope you folks are alright. That can cause such bad things to happen to you. Migraines,nerve damage etc.i hope these folks will be alright.Thats serious business

  • Spurious Truthyist

    Actually anxious… the report didn’t say that until 1:08…. my comment was posted at 1:05, so perhaps it was updated to reflect additional facts, including which building. Problem is, both buildings have serious issues, and both need to be upgraded.
    Something else about RRHS that was always a problem was the top heavy management… silly internecine infighting that got in the way of real problem solving. They won’t ever close down for repairs and renovation and if they do, they won’t ever open the doors again, because the facilities need to be torn down and rebuilt correctly. Maybe the Grateful Dead or the big growers will do something……
    Fox Olsen would know what to do.

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