Mournful Dog Waiting for Owner to Find Her

White and light tan dog laying downThis white and light tan female dog was found on Feb. 1st at 5:40 p.m. on Shop Road, off of Briceland Road, west of Seeley Creek.

She was wearing a black chain and canvas strap collar, but did not have a tag.

According to the finder, she is “friendly and sweet, but not so good with other dogs. I’ve kept her well in my small home with my 3 other dogs, but it’s tense.”

If she isn’t claimed, the finder will take her to a shelter soon.

“If she is your dog, or you know who her person is,” the finder asks, “please call me at 707-296-5783.”



  • What is going on with all these dogs not being taken care of buy the owners cudos to you kym ,for putting these pets.on your site I pram that she is reunited with her human .my dogs are with me 24 7 .I would be frantic if my dogs we’re lost.

  • Hopefully this is all posted on Humboldt Paws Cause website, and KMUD will do Found Dog announcements, and the Gville Vet has a bulletin board…can anyone foster? There are so many dogs at the shelter that they’re constantly on the verge of euthanizing animals.

  • If she was kept on a chain, she may need a good home, rather than where she escaped from.

    • Or fell out of, or left in the care of a careless person, or so many scenarios. If she’s been spayed, perhaps she’s chipped. If pregnant (?) possibly dumped. Thank you finder; you’re doing all you can. I hope this turns out well.

  • We have some of this in Trinity. I personally think the seasonal workers get dogs for safety and when they leave, they abandon the dog.

  • Dogs make us human. To abandon a dog you must first abandon your humanity.
    I hope this dog’s person shows up quickly.
    Please everyone else, take care of your dogs, they worship you. Show a little compassion & respect.

  • I was thinking something similar as Beth. Everyone has left to warmer places for the winter and a lot of dogs have been left behind.

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