[UPDATE 1:15 p.m.] Another Abandoned Vehicle on Fire on Alderpoint Road

Vehicle Fire

Stock photo from last year.

Fire crews have been dispatched to a vehicle on fire at approximately 12:20 p.m.

The vehicle was reportedly abandoned near Quarry Road on Alderpoint Road.

UPDATE 12:30 p.m.: “Fire knocked down,” reports the Incident Commander. “One lane traffic [of] blocked.” He estimates it will take another 30 minutes to deal with the scene.

UPDATE 1:15 p.m.: Photo of the vehicle smoking provided by Michelle Bushnell.

Vehicle smoking.



  • It wasn’t abononded was trying to get a trailer to move it. I mean who abanoneds an audi turbo

  • Did you know that alderpoint road could save you 15 percent on car insurance….

    • That sauce is boss

      More like “do you live on alderpoint road? If the answer is yes, your car insurance is now outrageous because if anything happens and your car is left on the side of the road for more then an hour, we at _____________insurance will have to buy you a whole new car. Alderpoint road is kinda like Detroit but not as friendly” XD

  • Yep…just like 36. If you break down, better get it before night fall. How about a bait car with camera ? In the long run would save tax payers dollars.

  • Atleast the asshole or assholes did it in the winter time, weird it was in the daytime tho? Almost always get burnt at night

  • why not just rename it burningvehicle road?

  • So the fire was inside the car? Not the engine.another vehicle fire,I’m shocked!

  • The new place to dump the cars is at the Carlotta Grange there was a Trans Am on fire the other day and abandon Navigator. All the wheels were gone ,and the windows broken out of it .I see more and more vehicles abandoned I saw a van abandoned up Redwood house road .36 is the dumping ground for the tweekers getting rid of the evidence .

  • Sat there for at least 2 weeks, weve been taking bets on when some ass would torch it. Why CHP doesnt do something is amazing, i think it took a week to get it yellow tagged

    • Actually since Alderpint Road is a County road it is (was???) the Sheriff Dept’s job to deal with it!!! Our “New Resident Deputy” here on 36 is already failing at the job!!!!

      • Do your homework. Sheriff’s deputies don’t primarily work traffic enforcement or tag abandoned vehicles. CHP is responsible for all state and county roads.

    • Towing vehicles costs money. Hiding behind onramps makes money. Priorities…

    • It was couldnt get trailer to move it tried. You know those friends you have when ever you need me.. yeah no

  • It’s a shame. It was a nice car until someone shot out the side window, then the back. What is wrong with people?

  • Criminals have no fear of consequences anymore. Probation and suspended sentences are too common. Laws need to make it an automatic, MINiMUM 10 years in prison for attempted robbery, burglary, breaking & entering, vehicle theft and other violations on people, property and businesses. Time to get these people off the streets and make communities safe again. These types of crimes are premeditated and done willingly. Also, 17 and up tried as an adult.

  • Interesting, I passed this car around that time and saw some lady dismantling part of it.

  • Maybe you haven’t noticed that vehicles burn, even parked, all by themselves!
    There are hundreds of these incidents weekly all over the planet.
    Trucks,cars, boats, RV’s etc… exploding and burning. Look into it!
    I wonder what might have happened to the driver,hopefully he is OK.

  • The CHP used to tow these vehicles. This one was certainly worth enough to be sold with plenty of money to reimburse towing charges. What a waste to allow it to be vandalized and burned.

    • Try selling a car with no title. Try using a title search company to get a free and clear title on this car. LOL.

  • After reading all the post I found some very funny. But please let’s remember. If it was a stolen car or if it was abandoned someone lost a nice car. It’s sad that people will use them as target practice or just set them on fire. Why can’t we just pass it along and not destroy others stuff. Just my 2 cents worth.

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