A Dog in the Hydesville Area Tested Positive for Rabies, According to Local Vet’s Office

Rabid dog

Rabid dog [by George Fleming]

The Ferndale/Fortuna Veterinary posted on their Facebook page,

RABIES ALERT! We had a confirmed rabies positive dog from the Hydesville area.

Dog may have traveled out Hwy 36 and visited the Ruth area. Actual area of Rabies contact is unknown.

There have been several wildlife cases with confirmed Rabies in these areas in the past couple years, so PLEASE PLEASE vaccinate your pets. Remember, rabies is transferred through the saliva of an infected animal. Please do NOT try to make contact with wildlife or stray animals. If you suspect a rabid or sick animal, please call the Humboldt County Animal Control Department at 707-840-9132



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