[Audio] Fortuna Dairy Queen not happening; Humboldt’s Last Week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week: It’s been confirmed Dairy Queen pulled out of a potential deal that would have added a store location on Riverwalk Drive in Fortuna.

The ice cream and fast food joint also known as DQ decided to DQ the Friendly City after they determined the location would not bring in enough customers. Do you agree with their assessment? While it’s certainly not a matter of life and death you can let the chain know how you feel with the hashtag #DQhumboldt (Facebook/Twitter).

Humboldt Petroleum is the company that tried to bring on the Blizzards. They said they’re still looking at other options for the location at 1791 Riverwalk Drive which currently hosts a Shell gas station.

Luckily there are plenty of other spots to get tasty treats all over Humboldt.

The scoop begins at 5:53.

Also covered: New allegations for a former Humboldt con man, the man that inspired Jeff Bridges’ Dude character set for Blue Lake, the shutdown of a Eureka bar, Arcata’s new bicycle library, “American Pickers” possibly headed back to Humboldt, that naked guy who climbed on top of his baby momma’s car in Eureka, and much more.



  • Bummer I was looking so forward to having a Dairy Queen I still have to go to Brookings Oregon to get Dairy Queen

  • Brookings, Oregon DQ was delicious, I wish they would replace one of the damn Mcdonalds in Eureka with a DQ

    • 1000$ agreed!!!
      What the hell they mean not enough customers.
      Did they not talk to the city people??
      Do they not know that some of us go all the way to Oregon!! Just to get their ice cream goodness!! Like what the hell!
      Bad move Dairy Queen.
      You should have stayed!
      Hopefully they will change their minds.

      • They must not have asked the city people because if they did they would have realized just how many people would rather go to DQ instead of McDonald’s or burger king. They would have had people from all around Humboldt coming in.

  • Bummer man i so wanted a dq in Fortuna Damm

  • Damn that sucks!
    We need a bad ass BBQ joint in fortuna.
    And no not an over priced joint like shamus turned into… sorry Chris

    • Even when Shamus was still out here on 36 the quality was low & the prices ridiculous for the level of quality!!! IM(ns)HO ns = Not So

      • The “all you can eat Tex-Mex” was awesome.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        I loved Shamus when they were on SR 36. The food was great and the game heads were cool. When they moved to Eureka, the portions got smaller and the price went up. Not cool.

    • What does Shamus have to do with dq? Hard to bash a local restaurant when there are so few, should be thankful anyone tries to make a go of it, hats of to any restaurant owner in humboldt, thanks for providing a service to this county

  • I wanted a DQ too. Bummer. Will red lobster come?

  • Got to go to Oregon for a dilly bar dammit

  • I know at this time Hwy 299 is not open to all; however, Redding has a DQ. Just say’n

  • Wow… You folks ain’t got better ice cream options than DQ?

    Folks here in Oregon are ice cream crazy.

  • This county is just once again completely backwards!

  • Eat good food not grabage!

    F@ck DQ ,& corporate food / total garbage – Scoop in Arcata Rocks!

  • The people of Dairy Queen don’t realize there’s all those motels and hotels right there

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    I liked DQ as a kid in Ohio. If you go to the dental museum in Bainbridge, stop at the old-time DQ. They used to have a rich, walnut syrup with actual nuts floating in it. Great sundaes. Not any more, which ticked me off, like when Arby’s dropped their breaded mushrooms.

  • Bruce Willis' Toupee

    Face it folks, the outsider business interests recognize Humboldt for what it is. How insulting that they don’t think we can even financially support a freakin ice cream shop. We will never get anything nice.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    They should put a strip club with a mechanical bull in there.

  • Such a bummer that DQ will not be coming to Fortuna 🙁 Was looking forward to something new. Well maybe someday an In and Out. Someday……maybe.

  • It is a shame. Much as I love our local ice cream shops, nothing beats a DQ soft serve cone and a cheeseburger that’s not BK or McD’s! I would definitely drive from my spot in Eureka just to have some. This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • jewel9990@gmail.com

    Omg every since Artic circle was shut down, we have no place to get decent price soft serve ice cream with many varieties like DQ please DQ save us we here in Humboldt county would drive Miles just to eat your food please come to Humboldt……Real bummer please change your mindand a petition for you if need be.

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