[UPDATE 6:30 p.m.] Wilder Ridge Road Closed by a Slide

Wilder Ridge Slide

Local residents face long drive to avoid slide. [Photo by a reader]

A slide blocked both Wilder Ridge Road and Landergen Road near Honeydew today. This is at mile marker 6.11. “The road is closed indefinitely,” reports Humboldt County Public Works.

Below is a map of the area. There are no alternative routes except to go around through Hwy 101.

UPDATE 6:30 p.m.:
Photos of the slide by Kenny Ingalls.

Slide breaking up a country road.

[All photos by Kenny Ingalls]



  • Wasnt this bad this morning but bad enough we decided not to go to work. Commute went from 15 mi to 70. Ouch. Going to take team work for kids & teachers on the other side. Thanks to Teligraph Rdg Vol Fire for covering for Honeydew fire if need be.

  • Come on Honeydew we know you have equipment to get through this .The county wont fix this for months .Salmon creek opened up their own road . The slide in between Redway and dean creek was supposedly never passable again .Lets get this open for the life and safety of the community

    • Im going to see if a foot trail can be developed tmro, but it is very steep and unstable turf. Cant see it beeing safe.

  • Thanks for the update, especially the pictures!

    • Am sure hoping that the County will open a detour before emergency funding arrives…was hoping they’d start it today after I drove through heading to town around 10:30…notified as many departments/folks as I could remember…even the PG&E troubleman, in case power goes out this weekend – don’t come through Honeydew to Wilder! Am thankful to Peter Lawsky for putting up the ‘road closed’ flagged sign at the Ettersburg Road Junction w/Whitethorn/Shelter Cove Rd…didn’t happen at the 101 Honeydew exit, but am hoping for tomorrow by the County, as CHP doesn’t do signage.

      If you have an emergency on Wilder before they open the detour, please remember to tell them the road’s closed to Honeydew.

      Best regards,

      Claire, dispatch for HVFC

      • I work for the county and was told the property owner told the county no to putting a detour on their land on Landergen, so who knows how long it will be

        • That’s what I was told as well…though I think BLM owns much of the start of Landergen Road. The detour could miss the old Smith place yard, but they’d have to build a whole new section of roadway above the top of the slip-out…and that’s after the emergency funding actually comes through, according to Matson. Not inexpensive, and now – the extra funding needed for more slip-out area. I’ve measured 8.94 inches of rain for this morning and yesterday morning, so it’ll probably continue to grow up the hill.

          • Property owner will be giving the property anyway .The county will just take it in eminent domain and fix the road .The owner will not be able to stop it .Why would they anyway ? Must have the owners name on the tax records

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