Questions About Cannabis? The North Coast Regional Water Board Has Answers

Water and marijuanaPress release from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region:

The North Coast Regional Water Board will be hosting a series of meetings to answer questions regarding the cannabis program and enrollment directive letters.  The meetings will include staff presentations regarding requirements in Order R1-2015-0023 and a group question and answer session.  In separate sessions, staff will provide individual and small group assistance in Order enrollment.  Professional interpreters will be available at all meetings to assist in translation for individuals whose primary language is Hmong.  Meeting announcement in Hmong may be found here.  Meeting information in English is as follows: 
Tuesday, February 21st
2:00 to 5:00 PM: Informational presentation and group question and answer session
Trinity County Fairgrounds
6000 CA-3, Hayfork, CA 96041
Wednesday, February 22nd
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM: Small group and individual help sessions
Trinity County Fairgrounds
6000 CA-3, Hayfork, CA 96041
Thursday, February 23rd
8:30 AM to 11:30 AM: Information presentation and group question and answer session
And 1:00 to 4:30 PM: Small group and individual help sessions
Wharfinger Building
1 Marina Way, Eureka, CA 95501
For further information, please visit:


  • It’s not being mentioned so again- for the first time in history we are being required to register water sources on our own land and get permits for using our own water sources. Cannabis is being used as the driving force to get us to roll over and give up our own rights to the state. I am disgusted that here in this region, where we always prided ourselves on fighting against such government intrusion that we now capitulate willingly, quietly and meekly and even tell each other that it’s the same as “coming into the light” or “being responsible” or “what else am I going to do?” or such other sell-out crap. Just WHO are the growers around here now? A bunch of pansy-assed greedy cowards is all I keep seeing!

  • Regional is non elected (NGO) organization. They make their own rules (usually UN doh’) & hire their own rulers. The people have no say. The northcoast part of the Region is a small fraction of the region the Region consists of.
    Unelected dictators.
    Think about it.

  • The ‘Water Board’ is trying to take all control of water rights. And yes, Franklin, they are using pot as a pretext, and growers (and at least one unnamed ‘grower rep’ org) are “rolling over” so that they can grow (i.e.: make money; position themselves in the ‘growing’ market). Short term gain. The American way.
    The Board started saying (a year ago) that there were 2 types of water: Jurisdictional (over which the state has control) and non-jurisdictional (where the state can not exercise control). NOW they say all is jurisdictional.
    There are some individuals and groups who are engaging attorneys, to fight this power grab. The research undermines the Board’s claims, with long standing water rights law like California’s Porter-Cologne Act, etc.
    TELL LAND OWNERS TO HANG ON. DON’T GIVE UP THEIR RIGHTS. More information and challenges to state authority are around the bend!

  • California Dept of Fish and wildlife has the final say

  • What about those green houses in the eel river in Philipsville .Why should anyone comply when they don’t even stop people from growing literally in the river .Where is Shaun From Fish And Game?

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