[UPDATE Saturday 1:25 p.m: ‘Closed at least a week’…] Hwy 1 Closed Due to Slide

A “large landslide” swallowed Hwy 1 as of 7:15 p.m, according to the California Highway Patrol Incident site.

The road is closed in both directions near Leggett, according to Caltrans. This occurred about one mile west of Hwy 101 in the same place as the road was closed in January.

There is no estimated time of reopening.

UPDATE 10:05 p.m.: “Stop. Proceed when clear,” reads the sign sticking out of the slide that ate Hwy 1. Photos provided by the folks at Caltrans who went out on a rainy night to take these!

Slide covering road from CaltransSlide covering road from Caltrans

UPDATE 10:40 p.m.: According to the California Highway Patrol Incident page, The highway is “fully closed in both directions–closed for days possibly weeks.”

UPDATE Saturday: Photos of the slide from Caltrans taken this morning.

HEavy equipment working on slide. Caltrans photo. HEavy equipment working on slide. Caltrans photo.  slide. Caltrans photo.

UPDATE 12:45 Saturday: According to Caltrans, “Route 1 near Leggett to remain closed at least a week due to an active slide.A geotechnical evaluation reveals the slide is too active at this time to safely begin cleanup. We will provide an update as soon as more information is available.”

According to a reader, Pamela Robinson, who lives in the area, there are other slides along Hwy 1 that need to be cleaned up, too.HEavy Equipment by Pamela Robinson Slide by Pamela RObinson



  • Call trump he can fix it better and faster and cheaper then Caltrans . You wouldn’t believe the ridiculous environmental regulations that tie Caltrans hands behind their back’s on dealing with this kind of stuff . Not to mention the ridiculous regulations that cost us taxpayers millions and millions just in the state of California alone for unnecessary regulation can’t wait for Donald Trump to drain the swamp

    • Yes because polluting your kids drinking water and wiping out a few species of plants and animals is so worth being able to drive a stretch of road that is super unstable as it was blasted out of a mountain and rests on thousands of years of sand dunes.

      Perhaps all those who want enviro restrictions removed can find a swath of land where you all can move and destroy the land, pollute the air, poison your water, destroy all living things besides yourselves, etc.
      I dont think im alone in wanting to keep some enviro regs in place and some hope for a healthy place for our kids to grow up in.
      Really its pretty obvious those regs dont hold caltrans back much. They drained an entire wetland and disturbed an old native american site that they were then allowed to just tear up. And thats just one project!! They get away with worse all over the state.
      Do tell what projects are costing us so much money and what does this even mean???….
      “Not to mention the ridiculous regulations that cost us taxpayers millions and millions just in the state of California alone for unnecessary regulation ”

      If your statements are true please back them up. I know a few folks who work in sacramento and they say you cant stop caltrans. Maybe theyre wrong, maybe i am, please prove your statements and create at least an informed dialogue instead of soundbites. When has cal trans ever been stopped on a project?

    • I’ve noticed that Caltrans has been super efficient in keeping the roads clear in Humboldt this season, clearing many slides working ’round the clock in dangerous conditions. Those pesky regulations don’t seem to be slowing the work .

    • Paco, I can only assume your post is sarcasm. Otherwise, I would suggest you spend a day or better, a week with one of our local crews. if you think regulations are what dictate this sort of repair, you are very deluded. Regulations btw are what keep our water clean and our food healthy. They also make our roads and bridges safer.
      People who complain about them almost always really mean they want more profits, more money.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      This has nothing to do with regulations. Landslides happen all the time in very wet years. You Trumpistas are full of more shit than a Fox Farm bag. Are you draft-age? Just wait.

    • Totally agree!!!!!! Call Donald as I, Barrack, couldnt get it done…lol

    • paul charles neuenfeldt

      Hey Paco,so your one of those [edit]that believes in Trump,huh. Well in a couple of years when your sitting in a detention center because your last name is Hernandez maybe then you’ll realize the choices that you chose or you can pick-up a copy of ‘MEIN KAMPF’ I’m sure there will be plenty of those there to read. IMPEACH TRUMP BEFORE THIS HAPPENS!

    • Cecilia Olivia Fisher

      You mean build the swamp.

  • Trump’s a chump. Anyway, highway 1 is an erosion ridden stretch of California. Beautiful drive though. Caltrans does good work.

  • The redwood curtain closes

  • Dear Paco, I believe in the months to come you will understand the saying about “a cold day in hell, ” as you wait for Trump to improve things. Lets talk again in 90 days.

  • A friend drove through yesterday and said it looked like the whole mountain was ready to come down. He said the only way it will stop sliding is when it is at the bed rock. I’m glad he left before it closed.

  • To travel our needed roadways, we pay taxes on tires, gasoline and vehicle registration. Taxes the State collects daily, banks daily and we wait & see work to began again. Smile

  • Branscomb Road- good thing they paved that thing up past Chicken Springs and clear to the coast!

  • The Miranda Junior High 7th & 8th grade basketball teams are in Crescent City this weekend, I hope they are able to make it home safely.
    And, good luck Mustangs! Hope they can bring home another win!

  • Can we not get political here?
    This site is trying to just keep us informed. Let’s just make it better for all.
    Highway 1 is a huge tourist draw, I know people who have come from Germany, etc., just to drive highway 1 in California. It is beautiful.
    I hope it is repaired and nobody gets hurt doing it.

  • Meanwhile, Mendocino Voice hasn’t said a word about Hwy 1 being closed.

  • Hat is off to Caltrans! They’re the ones who keep the roads open during these winter months. And, they’re local people who care about other locals staying safe on the road. They’re just like any other state ran business. The crew know what needs to be done and want to do it, but, desk jockeys get in the way.
    It’s sad to see what’s happened with Caltrans in the last 20 years. They used to do everything for our highways. They paved our roads from sun up til sundown during the summer months, prepared the ditches and culverts for the upcoming winters. They also repaired slides during the summer months to prevent bigger problems come winter. They cleaned the slides and sinks during the winter. They also were first responders to traffic accidents.
    The people who run Caltrans in Sacramento have destroyed what was once a great thing. Now they auction off all of these jobs to the lowest bidders. It seems like none of these companies can do the job right the first time. Nor do they do quality work. The culverts on the slide just north of the redway exit that had to be replaced. The paving with almost instant potholes by bell springs road. These companies come in, do the work, then move on. Not caring what the roads are like, or the safety of the people driving them. For instance the accident that happened in the fog between laytonville and Leggett. It happened because the company had only applied the primer for the white line on the road. I had first hand experience not being able to see that line while driving at night with headlights in my eyes. I could go on and on. But, what do you expect when they are doing the job as cheap as possible?
    It seems like anybody who really runs Caltrans is just looking to climb thier way higher on the ladder by saying ” Hey look, I ran the company we stayed under budget and accomplished what needed to be done. What else could you ask for? Now bump me up to the next position on the ladder.” And this happens as a detriment to our highways and safety of the people driving them.
    As far as environmental practices, the people who work for Caltrans locally are the same as you and I. They care about our rivers, animals, our old growth forests, and passing on our great environment to our youth. The good Ole days of good Ole boys caring for our local highways and the people who drive them is gone.
    My thanks to all the people who work out of our local Caltrans yards. Great job guys, keep up the good work!

  • They certainly put in the hours. All over the state. From clearing snow banks to removing debris from slides. It’s a busy busy time of year for these folks. Especially in the northern part of the state this year with the amount of rainfall we’ve had. They’re also first responders to highway crashes,hazardous waste spills and work side by side with CHP to help and assist for the public good. Not an easy job. Some really good men and women who serve our great state. My hats off to them. Just ordinary people doing extra ordinary work.

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