[UPDATE Sunday: 2:30 p.m.] 299 Closed Again Due to Weather Conditions

slide on 299

Slide on Hwy 299 several days ago. [Photo from Caltrans]

Although Hwy 299 recently opened part-time to local traffic, last night’s rains shut down this major thoroughfare between Redding and the Coast once again. Caltrans District 2 tweeted about 8:30 a.m., “SR 299w at Big French Creek is currently closed due to weather and active slide conditions. Please check back this afternoon for updates.”

view from above of slide on 299

View from above the slide taken several days ago. [Photo by Caltrans]

UPDATE 6:51 p.m.: Caltrans tweeted a few minutes ago, “UPDATE: SR 299 is CLOSED due to weather and for safety. Please check back for updates in the morning.”

UPDATE Sunday 2:30 p.m.: Caltrans reports,SR 299 UPDATE: Route OPEN today between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm for local traffic only. Due to weather, the route will be closed after 6:30 pm.”



  • I don’t want the Trinity damaged anymore then it already has been, but it might be time to build a bridge. This is ridiculous.

    • Or at least do a temporary road around it until they fix it.

    • Maybe trump won’t allow a bridge to be built because a non-white person, a gay person, a woman, someone who believes in science, or anyone else who isn’t a rich white Republican may possibly use that bridge.

      • Rachael Maddow, is that you???

      • Trump is for the individual, the smallest minority of all.
        Are you saying that the non-white or gay or woman or atheist only come in preassembled packaged forms with boxed labels instead of in nature’s individual forms? Wow. Just wow.

        • According to Gott Kaiser Drumpf, YES!!!! They are ALL women love to be grabbed especially unexpectedly, by the “Pussy”!!! All Muslims are terrorists exceptthe ones that come from APPROVED countries such as Egypt & Saudi Arabia, Et All!!!! Ad Nauseum even!!!

        • No shak! What I’m saying is that if CalTrans were to propose constructing a bridge to solve the issue with the slide on hwy 299 trump would threaten to take away all federal funding to the state of California because any one person of the many groups of people trump discriminates against ( anyone not white, wealthy, conservative, & christian) might use that bridge. Three weeks ago that would have been a ridiculous thing to say but today its not so far fetched.

      • Alligator needs to get a life!

      • As long as it keeps you away I’ll be happy, I like foreign gay scientists, not ignoramuses

      • Trumplestiltskin will get so mad at everything – he’ll explode!

    • explain to me how its being damaged? looks to me like nature at its best

    • The Trinity has been damaged since the dam was built.

  • I have been driving back and forth past this slide for months until the closure. The pictures published are amazing, and those guys on the side of the slide in the heavy equipment….Nerves of Steel, those guys!

    Keep up the good work, stay safe and hopefully the Road will get to open for ALL traffic soon!

    • Ive spent my life running heavy equipment and doing some jobs just like the one pictured..yes its dangerous, yes you can get killed… but they are skilled professionals doing work that they love….as for the river… during the floods of 64 – 65…… many rivers had slides that closed and dammed them up.. yet today they are healed and flow freely…just nature…. and weather… all part of life

    • Paula,thanks. your not like most on here. your polite and stick to topic. thanks. that was a nice thing to say about the guys. wait you for got to bash trump. or maybe not.

    • When I see those heavy equipment operators up on those slides, I am in awe.

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