Hash Lab That Exploded Last Week Awaiting Hazmat Specialist to Dismantle It

Officer on the phone at scene of hash explosion.

Officer on the phone at scene of hash explosion on January 25. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Lieutenant Bryan Quenell, Humboldt County Drug Task Force Commander, is awaiting specialists from out of the area before removing a hash lab that exploded on January 25 in the garage of a building in Myrtletown.

Humboldt County deputies discovered the explosion had occurred on the 3400 block of Middlefield Lane when they learned that a local hospital had admitted a burn victim from a possible accident at a private residence. They arrived at the building to discover a lab used to extract hash oil from marijuana.

Though Quenell declined to explain the details, he did say, “This lab is still under pressure and could still possibly explode…We are attempting to get a Hazmat crew to dismantle it.”

Poss hash lab explosion emergency personnel

Emergency personnel gathered at the scene of last week’s explosion. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Though the lab could cause problems, Quenell said that “the fire department didn’t think it would pose a significant threat to surrounding residences.”

So far there have been no arrests, Quenell explained. “The investigation is ongoing.” He said they are interviewing the burn victim and “trying to track down other involved individuals.”

He said, “There is a possibility of potentially adding search warrants and/or arrest warrants to be served at a later date.

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  • This is the reason why i left Humboldt, TO MANY DAMNED HASH LAB EXPLOSIONS!!!!

  • Why do these assholes have to turn weed into crystal meth?

  • Mandatory five years in state prison for this. If you do it in an apartment building, ten years.

  • We need harsh prison sentences for these people.20 years in prison should dissuade folks from doing this.

    • What they did was legalize it, so people can buy the safer closed loop systems, and no more explosions…

    • Yeah cuz that models worked so well in the past to hinder drug manufacturing of many different substances. NOT.
      Where there is a demand there will be a supplier. Until we have a world people dont want to just escape from there will be a demand.

    • Dude, getting blown up, being set on fire, having their skin melted off–these risks aren’t stopping these people from doing this. The risk of a long prison sentence is clearly not going to motivate them. Legalization/regulation is the only answer.

    • Long prison sentences do not deter crime.


      “A California law requiring minimum prison sentences of 25 years for three-strike offenders had only a minimal deterrent effect, studies showed. One study found the law created a 2% reduction in the felony crime rate at most, limited only to people with two strikes. Another report did find that the law was a deterrent, but concluded that it wasn’t enough to justify increased costs of incarceration.”

    • This would be a non violet crime and fall under the protection of prop 57

  • I woiuldn’t want to be living next to a potential explosion…..you would think they would have to have the “hazmat crew” sooner than (we are attempting to get a hazmat crew in to dismantle it. If it does explode there will be a major LAW SUIT!!


  • When I was young I was told, they made hash by young naked woman running through fields of cannabis, and then having the resin gently shaved off their bodies and either water based or oil based, pressed into hash. Let’s get back to this , a lot of times the old ways are the best ways….no sexual perversion here, men typically are too Hairy too get optimum results

    • ^^^ the handmade method of rubbing (using hands and arms) living plants to collect resin is called charas not hash. Oftentimes, you will see it called cream in Amsterdam coffee shops.
      – the more you know……

      • Laurence Cherniak’s books are great.


        “This 1st trilogy has over 2,000 Color Photographs, Intimately Visiting Over 30 Countries.”

        “The use of pyschoactive drugs is ages old. Once confined for the most part to primitive societies and limited to magico-religious contexts, it has spread to our modern urbanized cultures and has taken a definite hold. There are basic reasons underlying this new adaption of the utilization of such powerful mind-altering agents, and I am convinced that it does not represent an ephemeral wave but is here to stay in a greater or lesser intensification; whether for good or for worse is not here a question worth discussing. If this be so, then it behooves us to learn as much about these drugs, their uses and their beneficial or evil effects from as many different points of view as possible.

        Laurence Cherniak offers us one such viewpoint, a viewpoint based on years of study on a world-wide basis with drug use. As a scientist trained and accustomed to looking at the employment of drugs from a wholly materialistic and unilateral angle, I enthusiastically welcome anything so genuine, human, and understanding as Cherniak’s thoroughly original contribution.”

        – Dr. Richard Evans Schultes, late Director of the Harvard Univ. Botanical Museum

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    What else can be done with an old, junk Pierson house, other than drugs?

  • What is an “old junk Pierson house”?

  • There is no more Federal funding to actually close down the labs, hash or meth. This is a national crisis we are in the midst of because of the backing off of the “War Against Drugs”, since 2012. When you understand that your police force operates on money, just like any other business, you will see the problems at hand. This is why the manufacture of these controlled substances can’t be dealt with as they should be!

    The only reason this lab is being dealt with is because it blew up! I think the hazmat team has to come from out of the area. A large drain on very limited resources. It cost thousands to properly close these labs down and clean the property up.

    During these cutbacks unfortunately the enforcement that is the most costly and drains the resources, goes away first. Not a pretty picture, especially if you have a meth or hash lab in your neighborhood! Many of the maladies that a meth user faces will also affect the innocent neighbors in range of the chemicals released during manufacture of the drug. Actually the chemicals and gases released are more toxic than the meth that is produced.

    We again need to see the felony, “H.S. 11379.6, Manufacturing a Controlled Substance”, enacted and again being enforced to the maximum. With contaminated air, water, and food we will not survive and thus nothing else will really matter. It’s time to get our priorities straight with this major problem and find the funding to address this major predicament we are in.

    Keep your eyes open, a drug lab could be coming to your neighborhood sooner then you think!

  • Constant Vigilance

    Sue the landlord! This needs to stop. You have a right to live in a safe house. They know this is going on in their houses. You can prove they had prior knowledge by the amount of rent they collect.

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