Dude, the Real Big Lebowski’s Coming to Humboldt to Help Sell Mary Jane…the Movie That is…

Jeff Dowd: inspiration for the Big LebowskiPress release:

The infamous Jeff Dowd, activist, film maker/distributor, writer, agitator, speaker, philosopher, and inspiration for Jeff Bridges’ legendary character in The Big Lebowski, has taken an interest in Dell’Arte’s Diva of Sativa Mary Jane: A Musical Potumentary. Mr. Dowd will be promoting the film in Humboldt over a series of events February 8 – 11, 2017. Each event will be ticketed separately, as well as a VIP All Event Pass.

In order for our home-grown Humboldt story to reach beyond the redwood curtain, Dell’Arte needs to raise funds to distribute Mary Jane: A Musical Potumentary. Who better than Jeff Dowd, the co-founder of the Sundance Institute, the man behind The Coen Brothers, and an original member of the Seattle Seven to lead the charge! A private speaking engagement will be held Thursday, Feb 9 at 8:00 pm at the Carlo Theatre. This exclusive event is open only to those who purchase VIP All Event Passes and current Dell’Arte students.

Friday, Feb 10 – Dell’Arte hosts LeBOWLski Night at E&O Bowling in McKinleyville. A party for any true Lebowski fan, bowl with Mr. Dowd from 7:30 pm to midnight. Achievers are encouraged to participate in a costume contest (dress as your favorite character from The Big Lebowski OR Mary Jane!) with prizes for best male and female character from each film. Or, just play a few rounds of Whack-A-Nihilist! E&O’s cash bar will be open and yes, they will have real half and half. Doors at E&O will open at 7:30 pm, $20 at the door covers admission to the party and all bowling costs. Advance tickets will be available by phone, in the office, or at dellarte.com.

Saturday, Feb 11, Doors at 4:30 pm – The Double Feature Screening Event – The Dude And Mary Jane: A Match Made in Humboldt at the Eureka Theater. Gather with friends and community to watch screenings of The Making of Mary Jane and Mary Jane: A Musical Potumentary at 5:00 pm followed by The Big Lebowski at 8:00 pm (with pre-party at 7:00 pm, talkback with Jeff ‘The Dude’ Dowd at 7:30 pm, and Q&A following the film). Participants will have another chance at costume contest prizes for Lebowski and Mary Jane costumes. Advance tickets are available by phone (707-668-5663) or at dellarte.com for $25, and $30 at the door. Come for one or both films, a hand stamp will get you in and out at the door.

VIP All Event Passes are available for $100, which is good for all listed events, including the private Dell’Arte event. These passes are available on our website, dellarte.com.



  • Since when is E&O in McKinleyville? Was it moved? The film screenings sound like fun.

    • It’s on Glendale Drive, just where it was, but their address is officially McKinleyville. Try a Google search and you’ll see.

      • As far as physical location of said bowling alley, it’s closer to Blue Lake, but the Post Office in their infinite wisdom??? Says it’s part of Fieldbrook, which is also “McKinleyville” since they punched the road through to Mac Town some years ago!!!

  • I have no idea where this place is, I’m not familiar with mckinlyville, I would love to go as I am an aspiring actor/writer. How’s about an address or two please?? Without knowing the area to well all this is jibberish.
    Ps why the heck mckinlyville? That place isn’t known for weed.

    • Better. It’s more Blue Lake than Mck

    • Uh you must be newer to the area. Mack town is so weeded up. Way back in the day the DEA was there and teaching pilots how to use infrared on their special indoor weed finding nite time swore rays. You can see that place from outer space. The millions of dollars spent on that effort failed as there were 2 operations at the most if I recall. I love to corrected on wrong details so anyone?

      • “…teaching pilots how to use infrared… on their night time swore rays”
        “Swore rays”. It’s ‘soiree’. French, meaning ‘…an evening gathering, usually… for conversation or music’.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Correctomundo. I think maybe Useta livethere was perhaps thinking of the more appropriate “sorties.”

    • Take the exit before bluelake, go under the overpass, vuala.

  • Film Professional

    I hope they can find distribution and achieve the goals of the project.
    I have long admired Dell’Arte. Their core staff, who steer the organization, are especially talented.
    I loved Mary Jane the play! I wanted to love the film. But it is a mess.
    They tried to do something creative and unconventional, by interweaving documentary footage/real interviews with musical and ‘live action’ (comedic) sequences. Many problems. (I could list them, but won’t. Don’t want to make it personal). It appears though, that there weren’t enough experienced film professionals in preproduction or on set to help it to the standards that the film community demands/expects. And unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of re-cutting the film…..
    I prefer to be proven wrong on this. I want that D’A have great success in all they do!
    If they do another, I’d be happy to consult, to help guide toward a better outcome. (In fact I offered to help before they shot. Never heard back).

    • Would very much appreciate your criticism & notes.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      It wasn’t that bad. I liked it. The sexually frustrated plants were a bit off but everybody worked hard and only the principals were truly professional actors which IS NOT a dig at the rest of the cast. Budget, budget, budget. They should all be happy at their accomplishment.

  • We bowled their since I was a kid.used to bowl the one where the D.a’s building is on 4th,and Broadway bowl where o’reillys is now.And harbor,and fortuna.we were on the traveling teams so fun.This movie is good!☆☆☆☆

  • Saturday?? Well we’re gonna have to reschedule…


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