Southern Humboldt Youth Football and Cheerleading Team Back on Track

2016 Southern Humboldt Bulldogs

2016 Southern Humboldt Bulldogs

Remember the Bulldogs, the Southern Humboldt youth football team that was going to have to shut down if they didn’t get help? Well, the Bulldogs are back!

Press release:

Bulldogs are back
-we have a new board and two new co-presidents Alison Bullock and Tanya Malley
-we want to provide our local youth the opportunity to participate in football and cheerleading
-player safety will be a priority for the league
-we need coaches and community members to get involved with the league
-our first meeting is Wednesday, February 1st in Redway, at the Family Resource Center, at 5pm
-signups will begin in April
-our annual golf tournament fundraiser will be in late April/early May
-thank you to the Mateel Community Center for being our first sponsor
-for more info call Tanya Malley at 707-223-2162 or email


  • Awesome. There’s nothing better than sports for kids growing up on the north coast.

  • Please step up and support this youth program, especially if your kids play! Tawny son is in high school and she is doing this out of the goodness of her heart for this communy. Sports take a lot of volunteers to make it work. All youth programs support our school sports programs. Its a win win to get involved.

  • Front middle cheerleader is my Sister Delmars granddaughter… So proud

  • Maybe post more info about sponsorships. Are the bulldogs a federally recognized 501c3? That way sponsors could use thier donations as a tax deduction? What is needed from coaches and volunteers? Im interested in helping but would like to know more. It’s now 4:25 on the 1st so it’s a little late for me to make it to the meeting or I would go. Just read this, wish I would’ve read it when I saw it yesterday eve.

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