[Located Owner] Two Handsome Dogs Found

Two dogs one with a collar These two handsome dogs were found this morning in the Piercy area.

“They wandered onto my property early this morning,” the finder told us. She thinks they are a pitbull and a black lab mix.

If you are the owner, contact us at mskymkemp@gmail.com

UPDATE 2/16: The dogs have been reunited with their owners.



  • So beautiful.surely their owners are missing their babies.hope they’re all reunited very soon.To the people who kept them warm GOD BLESS YOU!!

  • They must s**t on the floor therefore they got dumped sad to say but people can’t train dogs

    • Quite a bit of speculation there. Not to mention, that’s a pretty expensive collar to put on a dog one then intends to dump off like trash. In unincorporated areas like piercy otherwise good dogs love to take off and roam, especially with a cohort in tow. Just sayin…

  • I’ll take them if no one claims them.

  • Pathetically, yet another bad dog owner…And of coarse with dangerous dogs. Dogs like these shouldn’t be allowed to exist in areas where there are other people. It’s as dangerous as someone swinging a loaded firearm in the air. Animals shouldn’t have the “right” or bandwidth to be allowed to approach anyone, to decide whether or not the dog is going to bite someone. Sickening. So damn many dog attacks. So many unorganized, inconsiderate screwed owners.

    • You take the morn of the week post award. Might want to look at dog attack statistics [edit]

    • “Dangerous”?? In yearly tests of over 240 dog breeds by the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS), PIT BULLS consistently achieve a passing rate that’s as good or better than the other most popular breeds.


      Educate yourself

    • Kitty have you ever heard the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover”? [edit]

  • Wow. I can’t believe nobody has claimed them yet. They seem well taken care of. Time to give them a permanent home.

  • Please keep us updated. We may be able to find them a home.

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