[UPDATE 4:51 p.m.] Vehicle on Fire in the Parking Lot of the Carlotta Grange

scannerA vehicle is completely on fire in front of the Carlotta Grange, according to scanner traffic at 4:43 p.m.

The driver is on scene but out of the vehicle.

UPDATE 4:51 p.m.: According to a person on scene, the driver is reportedly making nonsensical statements.



  • Driver my ass! Drove by it at 4pm had no wheels and interior was gutted, it was dumped there and now torched as an insurance scam!

  • It was there stripped Saturday morning when I drove by looked like a Lincoln Navigator

  • just f–king terrific! The entrance should have been chained across it to stop stupid people from access.

  • I reported this car to CHP on Jan 20. It was on the rotors then. Since, the windows were broken out and more damage. Now, has created a danger to firefighters and the public. CHP or Sheriffs should have done something about it days ago!!!!!!

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