One Lane of Harris Closed as Officers Investigate Pedestrian Death

EPD closing a street

Eureka Police help cone off one lane of Harris Street as they photograph the area where a woman was killed last Monday. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Eureka Police have blocked off one lane of Harris Street and F Street is closed between Harris and Wood this morning as technicians are working in the area where 80-year-old Maria Bosnar was struck and killed last Monday.

Bosnar died after being struck by a 1987 Toyota pickup driven by a 57-year-old Eureka man.  The pickup was stopped at a red light on F Street while headed east on Harris Street. According to a press release from the Eureka Police issued last week, “The light turned green for the driver and Bosnar had the walk sign to cross. The driver made a left turn onto F Street and collided with the Bosnar in the crosswalk causing fatal injuries.”

Scene of a pedestrian struck

An umbrella rests in the parking lot as emergency personnel clear the accident scene. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

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  • Condolences 🙁

  • I am glad the City is following up on this collision.

    It is difficult to believe that a driver would miss seeing a pedestrian waiting to cross, then entering the crosswalk, especially since (according to the press release) he was the first vehicle stopped and waiting at the red light, before it turned green.

    • Looks like there was a lot of glare from the wet street. That could have played a huge factor.

    • I Agree with CnD, I drive this street daily..and the crosswalks are very visible. I know the driver did not kill this lady intentionally, BUT….as a result of his lack of observation and attention to a pedestrian in the crosswalk…his license should be suspended.

  • I’m glad they are investigating but seems odd they are doing it a week later.

  • They had to come up with a better cover story. EPD is shady, dude prob got paid to do it.

  • There are a lot of intersections where view of oncoming traffic is blocked making it difficult to safely turn. Coming out of the shell station by the red lion hotel in Eureka my line of sight was blocked by the price of gas sign when trying to make the turn onto southbound 101

  • The Dream Police (as I call these sleepers) could care less about pedestrians. It is a life risking activity every time you use a crosswalk in Eureka. Constant stop sign runners 24/7. Go to the little intersection opposite the library and watch cars blow through the three stops unabated all day long. No one cares. No citations given out. Drivers think it’s open season on pedestrians who have the right of way. If you hide behind tinted windows texting or eating/drinking in your giant SUV/F350 you could care less. Shame on the sleepers for ignoring the laws they’re supposed to be enforcing.

  • Why is drivers name withheld?

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