24.5 Grams of Meth Packaged for Sale Found at Arcata Home

Meth from Eureka PD

Meth [Photo of methamphetamine shared by the Eureka Police in 2015]

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 01/28/17 at about 1317 hours, an officer on patrol recognized a subject that was on probation entering a mobile home in the 1000 block of 7th St. Several officers responded to the residence and contacted Sarah Schultz (34) of Arcata. Schultz was found to have a warrant for her arrest and a search clause as a term of her probation. A fellow resident of the home was identified as Carl Partee (51) of Arcata. During a probation compliance check of the residence officers found 24.5 grams of methamphetamine that were packaged for sale, a .22 CAL semi-auto rifle and drug paraphernalia. Schultz was arrested for her outstanding warrant.

The investigation led the officers to believe that Partee was involved in the sale of a controlled substance, among other violations of the law. Partee was arrested for the following charges:

  • 11377 H&S-Possession of a controlled substance
  • 11378 H&S-Possession for sale of a controlled substance
  • 11366 H&S-Maintaining a drug house
  • 11364 H&S-Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • 11351 H&S-Possession of a narcotic
  • 29800(a)(1) PC-Felony in possession of a firearm

Both Partee and Schultz were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility, where they were booked and lodged.

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  • Just under an ounce. Probably a recent purchase. Put the sqeeze on these folks and find the supplier.

  • Oh the cops are to stupid or don’t give a f%$#about the supply they would be without a job if they actually took out the supply .wow 2 grams on the big bust the other day wow .a oz on this bust .Really!!!!!like I’ve said before Downey is a joke

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    That doesn’t seem like much compared to pictures of large busts where it looks brick size.

    How much of this stuff do they use a day? Is that a day’s worth, several days, week, or month?

  • There is no more Federal funding to actually close down the labs. This is a national crisis we are in the midst of because of the backing off of the “War Against Drugs”, since 2012. When you understand that your police force operates on money, just like any other business, you will see the problems at hand, and why the manufacture of this controlled substance isn’t being dealt with!

    During these cutbacks unfortunately the enforcement that is the most costly and drains their resources, goes away first. Not a pretty picture, especially if you have a meth lab in your neighborhood! Many of the maladies that a meth user faces will also affect the innocent neighbors in range of the chemicals released during manufacture of the drug. Actually the chemicals and gases released are more toxic than the meth that is produced.

    We again need to see the felony, “H.S. 11379.6, Manufacturing a Controlled Substance”, enacted and again being enforced to the maximum. With contaminated air, water, and food we will not survive and thus nothing else will really matter. It’s time to get our priorities straight with this major problem and find the funding to address this major predicament we are in.

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