Woman Intruder Allegedly Attacks Our Reporter

When an outside door “popped” open into his bedroom just before 4 a.m. today, our reporter, Bobby Kroeker, woke up immediately.

bobby kroeker

Bobby Kroeker

Kroeker also works as the live-in maintenance man at the Garberville senior housing on Cedar street near Jerold Phelps Hospital. Although his partner, a Native American artist, was awake and beading in the next room, Kroeker could tell immediately this sound came from the outside door. “I see the door open about two inches. I see a foot come in,” he said.

“At first I was terrified, but then I was pissed off,” he explained. “It kind of dawned on me that she might have a weapon.”

He hollered and a woman’s voice immediately apologized and she moved off though he was able to see her through the glass pick up her backpack and leave.

He called 911 and described the woman. Unfortunately, the Sheriff’s deputy had to respond from Whitethorn and would take a considerable amount of time to arrive on the scene so Kroeker went looking throughout the property to make sure the intruder didn’t attempt to take advantage of any of the senior residents.

Jacket and arm cast left behind by the intruder. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

He saw the woman intruder and attempted to keep her from leaving. He said this ended up being a “wrestling match.”  They struggled for some time. Eventually, “she bit me,” he said, and got away but she left her “backpack, her purse, and medical paperwork.”

When law enforcement arrived a few minutes later, they were able to identify the suspect from her paperwork and started looking for her.

Meanwhile, Kroeker was taken to the hospital to be examined after the struggle.

The deputies were able to locate the suspect. “The Sheriff’s Officer comes in holding this lady by the arm and asks, ‘Is this the woman?’ Kroeker explained. He was able to identify her.

“She’ll be in jail for awhile,” he stated. The charges are “assault and battery, burglary, and [she had] two no bail warrants,” Kroeker said.



  • Hope you are doing ok Bobby! What a scary situation.

    • There are many zombies wandering around the area at night in black hoodies! I am not saying to shoot them, but there are no real cops here… Lock your doors, keep your phone handy. The Senior Apartments in Goobsterdam attract folks from all over as tenants, often to the exclusion of local seniors. This place may not be real safe, considering the crazy shit going down in town!
      I hope you survive, sir, but it sounds like the most dangerous thing you were exposed to was the ER at JPH. Hopefully THEY won’t kill you with their incompetent “care” in their supremely screwed-up facility… Jerold Phelps Hospital, “The Death Zone”…

      And so, once again, we waste money to incarcerate a person who basically only needs mental health services, some food, and a place to sleep. Maybe a bed in “The Death Zone” and some psych meds? Naaaahhh that woud be too easy…

  • at 4 a.m the woman was cold, confused and most likely hungry. Not saying what she did was right,,,,,some times we could play a little more compassion than strength and the might of the so-called law. Prayers and positive light her way and many thanks to the man for keeping our seniors safe,regardless. He was doing his job. It’s cold out side people, it’s cold. Please warm up on the inside for some of our less fortunate.

    • I’m generally a pretty compassionate person but I have to say that if a man broke into my bedroom at 4 a.m. I probably wouldn’t be inviting him to sit by the fire for milk and cookies.

    • Yea I’ve been homeless and even I have no compassion for anyone breaking into where I live. I literally would of knocked her out and asked questions later so what this man did was the best he could have done. Glad he is ok and that dumb lady is in jail. Once again absolutely no sympathy if it is cold or not, breaking and entering is never ok.

    • This Is Kinda Fun

      Why do you ASSUME she was cold and confused? Maybe she had bad intentions? If I was cold, looking for shelter, I’d knock.

      • AnonymousHumboldtian

        Even knocking at that time of night isn’t the smartest idea. That’s how a lot of home invasions happen. I never open the door for someone who knocks in the middle of the night. Just talk to them through the door to be safe.

    • Another Deplorable

      ??? [edit] Always the victim plea for women to get over accountability for their own behavior by sexists like you expecting women to even be above the law. Here is a reality check…. those day’s are over.

    • WHAT! your joking right?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Doing his job? What the hell are you talking about? Damn right he was doing his job protecting the residents and himself and partner. All this yammer about kindness and understanding is fine in public in daylight, but an unexpected late night visitor is asking for an aggressive confrontation.

      True, men are more violent, in general, than women, but playing the “poor baby” card is bad judgment and can get you killed if you are wrong. I have sympathy for the mentally ill, but those who love them MUST understand that threatening behavior will not be tolerated.

      Good job, officer.

    • Do you want to get shot? Because this is how you get shot.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Serioysly…. Quit enabling these dirtbags!

    • Cold or not its no excuse for breaking into someone’s house at 4am. I would like to have someone break into your family’s house unannounced and then see how you would feel. Cold and confused isn’t an excuse for this persons actions.

      • Homeless help for hopeless people

        I know the circumstances. I was homeless living on the banks of the American river in Sacramento. Sacramento can get cold like Garberville. I did some things I shouldn’t have, but breaking into someone’s space was not one of them. ALmost certainly this person was high and when you are high you lose heat and get cold. Although I didn’t resort to violating another personal space I did steal blankets and clothes from people’s cloths lines. Anything to keep me warm. It is very common for a lady like this one to have many legal problems. Arresting them is a simple procedure for the police. For the homeless nearly everything you do will violate some law. I had priors in Sacramento and thanks to Judge Watson and a fellow veteran who worked at Vietnam Veterans of California when they had an office on Third and V Streets they were able to mitigate the charges and remove them from my record. It was dumb petty crimes like stealing food and trespassing on private property. My point is like myself this lady needs help and unfortunately there isn’t much assistance in Garberville and even less in jail. I am not condoning what this person did. Only saying she most likely had human reasons for breaking the law. She will be released from jail probably 6am in the morning with nothing in her pockets or her stomach and within a month the EPD will pick her up for another round of the revolving door.

    • If she was so cold why did she take her jacket off?

    • at 4 a.m the woman was cold, confused and most likely hungry. so fucking what. fucking with older people and kids is not ok no mater what. she need a real lesson taught to her. no bail great

  • I think your prayers for her have been answered. She gets 3 hots and a cot.

  • Props to Bobby. Way to go.

  • Kym your a riot.

  • I was taught to always make some noise, whistle and knock!No body home? leave…

  • She’s lucky she didn’t get shot. A Different residence and the outcome may have been much worse for her.

  • Are there no locks on these apartments? I’m on the waiting list for these apartments and although I’ve been assured that there is “good security,” I wonder…

  • I agree with T. Sounds like another Hillary supporter looking for a place to call home.

  • TWO-no bail warrants?? Obviously we the law abiding citizens don’t understand our justice system.

  • I would be watching that bite closely! If you start turning pale and craving brains seek help! Seriously tho I’m glad your ok thank you for looking out for people’s loved ones

  • I went to the County of Humboldt planning dept. to drop some paperwork for a house permit. Walking past the mental health building in Eureka a kinda nice dress man ask if I had any matches. I jokingly asked if he was just released and he said no I just came here to get my $1000.00and 5 💊 pills. Here comes a woman out I jokingly asked if she was just released and she said no and she was just there to get her $1000.00. They were both from Southern California and heard they could get free money. What the hack is the LIBERALS committing themselves to the mental institutions because of PRESIDENT TRUMP or the LIBERALS free money. Check it out Sympryvirians mental LIBERALS

  • Great job Bobby! Get better soon.

  • From zero to fierce?

  • Shoot first and ask questions later. My safety and my family’s safety is the most important thing.

  • Bobby and I are sore but ok…he did what he had to do to protect me, our home and the Elderly that depend on him here. Theres no excuse for breaking into a persons home…she made her own choices as did we. Thank you for your caring thoughts and prayers…We hope that you are never in the same situation …having your peace of mind messed with in the space of 30 seconds. There were places opened because it was going to be cold to stay in Garberville..she chose along with her companion to not use this option..I felt she was inside our home to steal. Not to get warm. And who does that? <3

  • possible zombie

  • Someone needs to learn how to grapple.

  • Keep a watch over the bite Bobby! They can be very serious and can lead to many complications! Hope you heal up quickly!!

  • I couldn’t imagine… glad you had a level head bob!

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