Volunteer Firefighters Give Up Their Weekend to Train to Help You

Firefighters practicing.Volunteer and professional firefighters, in addition rushing into flames to save your home and being the first on the scene at many medical emergencies, also must train frequently. Today, fire crews from as far north as Grants Pass, Oregon and as far south as Shelter Cove gathered to learn how to safely save you and your possessions.Firefighters practicing.

According to Captain Nick Launius of Humboldt Bay Fire, this spring training held every year at the department’s practice area off Hilfiker Lane in Eureka was newly named after Alan Davis, a firefighter with Arcata Fire Department who passed away last year but had spearheaded a number of county wide fire trainings. Humboldt Bay Fire changed their spring training name to include Davis as homage to his efforts.Firefighters practicing.

The training includes both professional and volunteer firefighters and will continue at the same location tomorrow. Readers might see smoke coming from the area. Don’t worry. It is just part of the training.Firefighters practicing.

If you stay across the road, you can bring your kids to watch.



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