Two Vehicle Collision With Major Injuries Closed Hwy 299 for About an Hour This Morning

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAbout 9:38 a.m., two vehicles collided on Hwy 299 west of Willow Creek. “There were three patients, two with major injuries,” reported Nathan Falk, Chief of Willow Creek Fire. “One of the vehicles went over the bank. Hwy 299 was closed for 45 minutes to an hour.”

Emergency personnel requested a medical helicopter due to the nature of the injuries and Blue Lake Fire responded to prepare a landing zone. However, according to Falk, the helicopter couldn’t make it due to weather.

“One of the major injuries was still over the bank when we arrived,” Falk said. “[W]e had to go down and do a rope rescue,” Falk said.

Hoopa Ambulance carried the two critically injured patients to town. The third person refused further medical attention and left the scene.

Multiple agencies responded including the California Highway Patrol, the Humboldt County Sheriff and Hoopa Ambulance.



  • Hooray for the brave Hoopa Ambo crews!!!

    • Also give thanks to Proposition Z funding which helps funds Hoopa Ambulance. Otherwise the nearest ambulance service would be from Mad River hospital 58 mikes from the scene. Hoopa Ambulance is a service provided by the Hoopa Valley Tribe for all residents within a 60 mile radius.

      • The Hoopa Tribe has always paid for the ambulance service until last year when the county through measure z has contributed a little. First time ever.
        The ambulance crews also rescue over the bank. They dont “just drive”. They saved lives everyday…..

  • Sarcasm? Not sure…..WCVFD does the rescue, Hoopa Ambo does the driving…….hmmmm. Be more sarcastic next time if that was your aim.

  • hey how bout some Z money for our under funded WCVFD and all other VFD’s in humboldt—-unlike the PD’s their unpaid and are the one’s who go over the bank and do the dirty hard work of rescue————-

  • Prayers for the injured and that drugs are ruled out by the fleeing man.

    • He wasn’t on drugs he just didn’t need to go to the hospital. Not everyone in Hoopa and Willow Creek are on drugs.

  • debra stauffacher

    who was involved?

  • The guy that left the scene left with the tow truck driver. He had a large pickup. The other vehicle was a small car.

    • From the skid marks it looks like the pickup lost control and slid into oncoming traffic. Hope the people in the car he hit recover quickly.

  • Pic didn’t upload.

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