Protestors Against the Dakota Access Pipeline Gathered in Two Major Humboldt Cities

DAPL protesters

Protesters in front of the Chase Bank in Eureka. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Today, protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which they say will carry over 400,000 barrels of oil per day across sacred sites and pass under the Missouri River near the Sioux reservation, gathered to bring attention to the support of the project by several major banks in two major Humboldt County cities.

The gathering began in Arcata with an estimated several hundred protesting in front of Wells Fargo. Then about 1:30 p.m. about 50 water protectors moved to in front of the Chase bank in downtown Eureka chanting, “You can’t drink oil; Keep it in the soil.”

DAPL protesters

Employee of Chase Bank in Eureka tells a protester he needs to leave the lobby. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

As of 1:41 p.m. the Water Protectors moved to the nearby Wells Fargo bank. Mahlija Florendo, one of the organizers, tells us that this is a protest put together by youth of four different Native American tribes–Yurok, Hoopa, Wasco, and Siletz.

“We are trying to fight the black snake,” 19-year-old Florendo said referring to the pipeline that is already partly constructed. “We are here to cut the head off of the snake……We do not support an institution that funds genocide.”



  • Maybe if these protestors waited to see what the president and friends do about RE-routing first, they’d be able to contribute to society better. Trump only passed that it will be investigated and reassessed. I’ll bet money he diverts and addresses the concerns about the project. Protesting something when you’ve no idea wtf is actually going to happen just seems like a stupid waste of time. Don’t these “upstanding citizens” have a job or something?

    • RE-Route??? You have GOT to be joking!!! If it costs them even an extra nickel they will NOT!!!! DJ Donnie will spin it into a positive thing & they will ALL march right over the graves etc & ALL!!!! Re route my dying ass, on a cold day in Hell, when they go back there where they came from!!!!

    • Tired of yourself?

    • C’mon, at least be fair, most folks don’t work on the weekends. A 19-year-old on a Saturday protesting at least is trying to do something for the world whether you agree with them or not. I probably would have been either reading or partying.

  • why the banks?

  • Keeping it in the soil is exactly what they are doing. The pipeline is 90 feet BELOW the river, in sand & shale. Any seepage is contained.
    Forcing them to stop safe transporting via safe pipeline methods forces them to haul in on top of the earth. We all know about transport spills onto the earth & into the sea. They have taken extra measures to assure safety.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Let’s not forget about the 8 pipelines already under the lake, that are not as far underground as the new pipeline will be…..

    • Shale doesn’t guarantee a leak will be contained. Shale is like a sponge. Oil is real sneaky and will find the path of least resistance. The only way to assure integrity of a pipeline is very close monitoring for electrolysis, and erosion from the inside out. Anodes and cathodes and special coatings can stem the electrolysis, and erosion can be monitored via ultrasound equipment installed in pigs that are run through the pipe. If it’s a pipeline and you are pumping through it; it’s going to erode. Walls will become thin and can rupture with a pumping pressure spike. With regular monitoring and maintenance, I would feel secure with the pipeline on my own property. The trick is to make sure the surveys are regular, with results not being doctored by people with a dog in the hunt. The technology has existed for decades. to assure integrity of a pipeline. With the thousands of miles of pipeline in the US, the only ones I have seen fail, failed because of someone was cooking the books, by an act of nature or someone digging. Earthquake prone areas are dicey. Trust but verify, get rid of corrupt tribal leaders and put someone from Indian territory in charge of overseeing the technicalities of assuring accuracy of records. No way that sucker is going to leak if made of good US steel, welded to strict specifications, inspected regularly and with maintenance performed on schedule. This thing is gonna fly, and the water people should be thinking about what they can do to help assure that it works out for everyone. Good luck to us all, until fusion arrives. When that happens we can breed like minks until we are walking on each other. Until then Big Oil Rules the world as it has since someone decided to grease the wheel.

  • There is no way that DAPL can transport 400K barrels a day. that is an outright exageration.

  • Loving this president so much already he is just awesome can’t wait till they drill off the coast of California and seriously rain in the environmental protection agency it is long overdue

  • Full time protestors looking for any phony cause. The pipeline isn’t even on tribal land and it is routed far under the river.

    But anything is OK to protest as long as all progress is stopped everywhere I guess.

    • Just accept everything the oil companies tell us like good little useful pawn idiots.

    • The entire country is tribal land [edit]!!!
      The entire country is a free speach zone [edit]!!!!
      Dapl bore through tribal burial grounds [edit]!!!!
      Who told you its not tribal land!?

  • “The white man made us many promises, never kept but one. Promised to take our land, and they took it”.
    Red Cloud

  • Anyone who owns a car while protesting the oil industry needs to be… I’m not sure what the punishment should be. But there should be one. And it should hurt. And it would apply to just about everyone at that protest.

    There are already pipelines under the river. A new pipeline will be safer than the old pipelines. Any pipelines are safer than rail transport. And all these same protesters bitch when the price of gas goes up.

    I do not, in any way, support such hypocritical idiocy as these protests. I don’t much support the oil industry – I think it’s an evil blob that does everything it can to suppress renewables – but protesting an industry whose products you consume (Even if you don’t have a car. You use electricity? We generate it from natural gas around here. From a pipeline. Your iPhone? Tons of oil used to build it. etc.) is just plain retarded. If you actually want to help the environment, do it by consuming less. (Or kill yourself. That cuts your carbon emissions to very near 0%!)

  • bravo to the protestors!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it isn’t about driving a car, or electricity….thats another fight, another story. this is about water you fools. the environment,
    the price of gas , ha. thats manipulated by the oligarchs.
    all you trumpeters at home on stolen land, screaming about your way of life, what joke, need to turn to your children and say, ya, i am responsible for electing a monster who will take your rights and shred them. i am responsible for the fear and hate you will suffer. i am responsible for ruining the earth. i am responsible, so sue me. the american dream is a trick on you.

  • Trump just announced cutting back 15,000 EPA jobs. This should free up more bureaucracy bs so we can get more projects approved with less litigation and fines that don’t amount to anything except stalling time on projects that put people to work.

  • Humboldt has a major city?

  • Not to condone some of the atrocities committed by white settlers, state and federal government against Indians. however we shouldn’t Overlook the fact that one, Native Americans were not the first settlers of this continent, and two, American Indians fought against each other quite ravenously and viciously oftentimes slaughtering whole tribes to kill the bloodline. Not to mention the atrocities that Native American tribes committed against the white settlers, like slaughtering entire Villages consisting of men women and children. I am an American mutt with quite a bit of native blood in my veins, but I consider myself simply an American, not an Indian, not an Italian, not a German, not Irish, but Americans.

    Most studies agree that pipelines are safer than other forms of transport. like it or not our country not only uses but requires oil to function, even people that drive electric cars are generally charging those on electrical grid powered by coal, oil or natural gas in a much less energy efficiency transfer than just burning gas. Yes driving an electric car is actually worse for the environment then driving a car that gets good gas mileage.

    Our second largest oil importer is Saudi Arabia and last time I checked 14 of the 16 passports found in the burnt-out rubble of the Trade Center( who knows how they survived that burning Inferno) we’re from Saudi Arabia. Why would we continue to support an enemy when we can get most of her oil from ourselves or an Allied neighbor like Canada or Mexico?
    They have to resubmit plans in order to continue building the pipeline, the Army Corps of Engineers must sign off on it and there must be a new environmental impact studies done so there’s no point in everyone getting all worked up yet. It would be nice if they could reroute to avoid tribal ceremonial grounds.
    However the federal government of the United States has dug up and moved dozens of “white” cemeteries around the country to make way for egress of Highways, City encroachments and all kinds of intimate domain projects so it’s not like this is an Indian exclusive issue. Do white people also not deserve to rest in peace?

  • War is hell!!!I think so many people have such different ideas and ways of looking at things that not everyone will agree with everything.Everyone wants to be RIGHT!!I just want to do the right thing. ✌

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