Eureka Man Arrested for Vandalizing Rohner Park

This is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

MillsOn January 18, 2017, officers responded to Rohner Park (Park Street) for a report of extensive vandalism to park facilities.  Upon arrival, officers determined that a subject in a Red GMC Pickup Truck had caused extensive damage to one of the park’s baseball fields.  The vehicle had also struck a pole prior to leaving the park.

Park staff released photos from the park’s video surveillance system and at about 6:30 pm this evening, the department received information that a vehicle matching the description was in the parking lot of Fortuna High School.  Officers responded and located the vehicle which contained evidence consistent with the damage to the park.

The registered owner, Manuel Mills (age 21 of Eureka), was located attending a school event and after an interview, Mills was arrested for Felony Vandalism.  Mills was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility and his vehicle was stored.



  • what the heck is with people ?
    get a life and leave us alone…

  • Why you little disrespectful sumbitch. He’s lucky he’s not my boy. Really lucky.. no excuse for this. None whatsoever…

  • My grandpa would have blistered my ass for somethin this stupid…

  • Let me guess… no job and bored to death. Throw the book at this idiot so us taxpayers can see our hard earned dollars at work ! Make him pay for the damage and his labor to restore the park is a freebie. May think twice next time if he has to break a sweat.

  • With that pretty face he’ll get his just punishment in jail.

  • It would be nice to see him sentenced to 500 hours of community service (plus a hefty fine) working to repair the damage.

    • Agreed I think crimes of this nature and nonviolent offenders should be put to work fixing this county’s infrastructure, I think it would also be a better deturrant than jail time where they can watch tv and sit around planning future crimes when they get out, months of hard work would also put them in a position to actually get a job too even if its digging ditches

    • It would be nice to see him mowing those fields with a push mower for the next few years and setting up for all the sporting events, way more than 500 hours tho

  • Amimissingsomething

    Put him in a Pink Bunny suit and have him clean up trash around the park for 6 months on home detention so taxpayers don’t pay a dime for his meals or bedding. Sell his truck and give the proceeds to the park and if any is left over give it to charity. Take anything of value to him and have a hammer-thon at the park. $5.00 a swing with a twenty lb sledge hammer to any type of electronic device he has. Make him pay for what he has done to our park. Our town takes pride in making it nice so people can enjoy it with their families and the POS comes along and wrecks it for 20 minutes of “FUN”. [edit]

  • I hope he has to do the work to fix what He did. And have to pay for it,my kid would have to. And I’d watch him lol

  • Great comments and problem solving from everyone. We all need to run for office. LOL

  • I think amimissingsomething has the best punishment. A young man like him hates to have his ego blown away.

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