Temperature Drops to Freezing; Extreme Weather Shelter Opens in Garberville Tonight and Tomorrow

Frosty leaves

Frosty leaves [Photo by Kym Kemp]

With predicted temperatures in Garberville and Redway dropping to around 32 degrees tonight and tomorrow, the Extreme Weather Shelter will intake between 6 and 9 p.m. in Garberville at the Presbyterian Church on Locust Street  to provide a safe place for those without homes.

The program expects between 10 and 12 people to take advantage of the shelter and as many as 20 to eat the dinner and breakfast provided.

“We’ve got everything covered,” said Yashi, one of the program directors. However, if anyone would like to volunteer for future events, please call him at (707) 223-3679.



  • Thank you for being there. Such great people.

  • 10 to 12 people doesn’t sound like a big number really thought there would be more. Many have dogs that probably are not allowed, that are braving these temps under bridges and in tents if they have them. Any abandoned structures will probably be occupied by anyone in the know.

    • If you don’t want to park in a church, go up to the hospital in Goobsterdam. Ring the bell and they will give you food, a room, free medical care, a goodnight kiss, a pack of cigarettes and a bag of dog food. Also you can take a shower and rummage through the free box. Remember, Goobsterdam LOVES homeless folks, until summer… OH and the merchants of Goobsterdam will give you free stuff, a hamburger at the restaurant, a pass to the happy ending massage parlor, and a free orange plastic fence to erect around your illegal campsite, to keep the undesirables out!

  • well…………… next time you ring the bell, no smokes for you and no kiss good night.

  • Please help me find my son. Austin Brown. Photo attached.
    405 464 5700

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