Man Sentenced to Eight Years in Burglary Cases

Michael Otis Springs

In less than six months….The first photo was taken in late May of 2015 The one on the right was taken November of 2015…

Press release from the District Attorney’s Office:

Michael Otis Springs

Taken March 2016.

…Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that yesterday, Michael Otis Springs was sentenced by Judge Marilyn Miles to a total of eight years and eight months in prison after being convicted of two residential burglaries and one commercial burglary. Residential burglary is a felony with a possible sentence of 2 to 6 years, while commercial burglary may be a felony or a misdemeanor.

The most recent crime occurred on October 7, 2016, when the residents arrived at their home in Freshwater to find the defendant standing in their garage. When deputies arrived, the defendant provided them with a false name and date of birth, and indicated he was in the residence to meet a friend and conduct some business. Damage and loss from this incident exceeded $25,000.

Springs burglarized a residence in Trinidad in March of 2016, breaking into the home on two occasions while the homeowner was away. Springs was also convicted of burglarizing the Trinidad Water Treatment Plant in October of 2015.

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    • Druggies. Eight years for stealing, whatever, but if caught in Humboldt County holding Heroin or Meth, you get a slap on the wrist, a kiss on the cheek , a minute in jail and: Back into the ballgame!

      What we need here: A really big for-profit Inpatient Rehab, youth and teen diversion programs, and parents who don’t use, or users who don’t have kids!

      Good luck boys, you really need it now! Don’t worry though, plenty of drugs in prison, and when you get out you can go to UC Berkeley!

  • Meth is a hell of a drug. His life is fucked and he’s a wrecking ball in everyone else’s life.

  • Aren’t drugs grand?

  • Thankfully Gallegos is out of the DA’s office!

  • Rapid descent. No excuse in my opinion. 8 years behind bars hopefully will scare him straight. Granted he’s able to stay off the meth. Sad indeed for this methed out youngster.

  • What’s sad is these were property crimes and gets 8 years. Bet Kitchen gets less time for killing two young innocent young ladies. Just sayin …Caliownya is messed up !

    • Agreed. The problem here was never violent, but was escalating. He needed treatment immediately after the first mug shot. Other serious crime hardly ever leads to this amount of jail time. This synopsis of the case against Springs seems textbook for a junkie/meth head hitting the skids. The sentence seems harsh considering his rather short list of priors, untreated drug addiction, and lack of violence. And I’m no bleeding heart, just saying…

      • Black rifles matter

        sound like bleeding heart to me. His life his choice. I’m 100% good with the sentence. Too bad more sentences like this aren’t handed out around here.

  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    Thanx, Maggie!!!

  • 0 to Zombie in record time.

  • This kid didn’t stand a chance from the moment he was conceived. Mom is a junkie and dad is just as bad. Both parents in and out of jail and prison He was a social services kid in and out of homes. This does seem like a pretty high sentence. Inconsistent sentencing practices with the judges. Makes no sense

    • Black rifles matter

      Sounds like your making excuses for this shitstain

      • Not making any excuses. My point is he never learned anything different. Drugs and thieving and this lifestyle was what he was raised in. He’s a drug baby too. He will suffer the consequences for his crimes. Don’t worry your pretty little head.

  • If what you say is true then it’s hard not to feel a bit of compassion for this kid. That’s no way to grow up. Maybe somewhere down the line a positive influence will change his course. Very sad indeed.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Many kids grow up with a messed up home life, not all grow up to be dirtbags. How about compassion for the people’s lives this dirtbag forever changed, the security they list having their homes raided by this junky!

      • Black rifles matter

        Thank you for being the first rational comment on here. Well said! Wish there was more people with our mindset around here. People feeling bad for this kid is just mind blowing. He’s not the victim, he’s the perpetrator. Law and Order. Follow the laws of the land you get left alone. It’s a pretty easy concept People.

  • Walk around Eureka somtime. Go behind Victoria Place, the old truck stop, old town. You’ll come across kids so high on Meth the can’t talk coherently, can’t deside where to go, left, right? It’s sickening. Ran into a boy couldn’t of been more than 16 was bouncing of the walls chattering gibberish. It’s horrifying to see.

  • Problem is this loser is going to learn a lot of conartistry on his 8 year deep sea fishing trip.
    What a loser!

  • Wow so sad to see drug abuse in their faces!! Do they stand a chance??

  • This is so sad. Every child born to addicts should be removed from the “home” and placed with people that will at least give them a shot at a real life. I’m all for second chances, but not for even one chance to fuck up a child. No kid deserves to be stuck being raised by a couple of jit rags that will probably end up teaching them to steal for a living and have no chance. If Michael had been taken when he was small, he and his victims probably wouldn’t be going through all of this.

  • He must have a really shitty lawyer but this is what happens most places when you fuck up, not harsh reality. We have been in a weird era where most crimes go unpunished or with little repercussions hopefully this is the beginning of a new era here and when people realize there is actual consequences of being a piece of crap they will try to get there act together or move on. In my opinion this is what it’s going to take to start heading in the right direction, this wasn’t his first offense or second so shape up or ship out. Anyway my 2cents

  • michael , was a GOOD KID, HE WANTED TO BE GOOD ,, that road that he took the wrong path in life, he took the only path that he new ,, he had not a chance in this world ,, i have watched my friends be killed dead and the people done it are walking the street today,, with next to no jail time, michael, didnt need to go do 8 years in prison, he needed sum thing in life long ago , but i still have faith in him that maybe he will take this time and put it to use,, and learn sum things in therre that will make him a better person ,, im not counting on it but im hopeing for it , for him ,, ,,you all dont know who he is and what he has lived in his so short of a 18 years of life ,,, you dont know and you cant begin to thank of the things this kid has saw and lived in his life ,, i got the chance to get to know this boy,, and i know that he can become a good person with a wing to fly under,, people wanna sit and talk shit about this kid and his so called “” fucked up fam””, but you you should clean up your own back yards before you try to clean up someone else back yard”,, just saying ,, michael , is not even around here to stand up for him self ,, yes he did wrong yes he broke in to somewhere he should have not been in ,, yes he did do this ,,i m notsaying he was in the right, he wasnt yes he did wrong, hefucked up 8 fucking year i prison that inot right youthank prison is going to make him a better person fuck no its not going to ,, anyways i could go on and on about this,, s o to michael i love and will miss you and i hope you will come out a better person then you wentin i faith in you that you can an you will ,,
    ” god jesus please keep this boy in your sights nd help him become how he needs to become to be right in life , please keep him safe and bring him home alright,, amen,, in jesus name i pray for him,,

    • Bonnie and Ralph screwed him up. I know Michael too. Bonnie lost all of her kids because she prioritized her drugs and alcohol. Ralph did the same. I only hope the younger brother still has a chance. Kids deserve more than what their piece of shit parents dealt them. It’s not fair

  • This kid doesn’t stand a chance in hell in prison, his days are numbered, the dope in prison is so expensive he will be doing someone’s laundry for a long long time.

    My kids locked up right now and got mixed up in the drug game… nothin like on the streets.

  • 8 years? Sounds like they suspect him of something else but can’t prove it & consider him dangerous. His eyes sure changed between Nov ’15 and March ’16.

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