Eureka Police and POP Search House on G Street

Probation search

[All photos by Stormy Taylor]

A large number of Eureka officers and members of the Problem Oriented Policing Unit are searching a home on the 1600 Block of G Street. At this point we don’t know why but will let you know when we get more information.Probation search



  • It’s probably one of the squires shit hole rentals ,and It’s probably a dope dealers headquarters in there too.

  • That is definitely the squires property. Good lord. Judge please o please put their priperties in full receivership. The Squiers seem to want to do the right thing for poor people, but are 100% incapable of doing so without help. Theyve housed people who need help for decades, but something is very wrong with their asset management skills for sure.

  • That’s the back side of this house right?

  • One of Mr Floyd Squires III hell holes in Eureka. The one next to it 1635 G was condemned and boarded up today. This one at 1625 is where the young boy got shot with a shotgun and may lose his hand. Way past time to flush all these substandard hovels out and either make him meet all codes and business licenses by the City and County or get out of the business. Nothing will stop him from his predatory ways except the Superior court judge on this case. And his attorney, Mr. Brad Floyd, has blocked everything this court has attempted to do against Squires. When will things change? Eureka has suffered enough under the Squires housing policies time to put an end to this menace.

    • It’s not squires fault that the tenants screw things up when he is merely trying to help the less fortunate ccommunity. If it weren’t for squires it would be almost impossible for a lot of people to find a place to rent in this town, even for people that arent criminals. I think everyone should stop pointing fingers at squires and see that the real issue is crime.

      • Why does he charge tenants so much if there’s no heat, no doors, and no working stove? Why doesn’t he try to fix these residences?

      • I would have to disagree with this characterization of trying to make the Squires look like saints for maintaining sub-standard housing and not doing anything to do background checks. As a result they do rent to criminals which ruins it for the “less fortunate community” you refer to. The Squires are in it for the money. Period. They are not altruistic. The people that know them well know them for what they are….scumbag slumlords

  • The city of Eureka let this go on and on and on.weve known squires for way to long and he’s not changing the way he does anything.He can’t do things the right way because he has to do things the cheapest way possible and if not it don’t get done!!!been their done that.he hired our company to do work,still haven’t been paid and wont.Good luck Eureka getting your money back lol.even if you try to sell his property’s to get your money.THEIR WORTH NOTHING!!!

    • Not completely true, G-MAS, the property under the hovels is worth $$$ so tear down the shacks & build some multi person housing get more folks off the streets!!!!

      • Wouldn’t that be great!!!

      • They already are multi-person housing and are not shacks. They could be fixed up and function just fine with out being torn down. The problem is the Squires who are ripping off their tenants while providing substandard housing.

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