Loaded: Big Gun and Small Needles Allegedly Found During Vehicle Investigation

Firearm gun

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On January 25, 2017, at about 11:21 a.m., an officer with the Eureka Police Department conducted a vehicle investigation on a parked Toyota pickup near the 600 block of 16th Street in Eureka. The Toyota was occupied by a male sleeping in the driver’s seat.

Gerarden, Gerald

Gerarden, Gerald

Officers detained the male, Gerald Gerarden, 41 of Eureka, and conducted a lawful search of the vehicle. Officers located an AR-15 style rifle with a 30 round magazine loaded to capacity and a syringe loaded with heroin.

Gerarden was transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges: felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a concealed firearm, possession of a loaded firearm, possession of ammunition, possession of controlled substances while armed, and Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) violation. Gerarden was also booked on two felony warrants for PRCS violation and possession of controlled substances for sales.



  • Total idiot! He should sign up with some sort of junky foreign legion!

  • Holy smokes that not a whippy .223 cal either. Looks maybe .308. Nice grab EPD.
    Looks like he just drop in from Skynet looking for John Conner.

  • Either way 223 or 308. This guy could have caused serious damage and loss of life. High five to the men in blue.

  • Mexico is pumping more heroin into the US to offset marijuana legalization. Get used to more of this. Interesting to find out where the weapon originated. Get him off the street and put him under it!

    • They are growing poppies in CA instead if pot if thats what you mean.
      Gun activity has a lot to do with the increased amount of gang members and gang activity. The local police dont gave the gang training that places like LA and Sac get.
      Ask any teen at a public high school, they know. 2 cases, 14 yr old shot and killed eureka then a 14 year old shoots at another person eureka (squires property). Sad.

  • Looks like he was going to do something bad, or he was real paranoid!! Geeze

    • sharpen your pencil

      I used to work with this guy, I would say a fair amount of both. I met him nearly 12 years ago, and have seen him on occasion in the years since…… He is definitely on a down hill slide….. Sad thing is, I do believe he has kids….

  • Tweaker morning checklist, needles full of drugs check, fully loaded assault style rifle check, giant hunting knife check, bag to put over my head when I home invade or rob banks check, key rings with 100 keys on it check, now just a quick heroin nap in my truck before I go pickup my food stamps. Aw damit not again! another week hanging out with my buddies at the humboldt Hilton o well we’ll do it again next week. See you then

  • Foolee loaded😂😂😂😂😂

  • Black rifles matter

    That’s not a big gun. I know it has the so called “evil features” as in pistol grip, adjustable stock, foregrip, but it’s actually a pretty small rifle. definitely nice though. My 30-06 and 300 mag Winchester that I hunt with is a whole whole lot bigger than that. The magazine on the other hand is definitely large and illegal per Commiefornia standards. Either way that dirtbag junkie deserved to get popped and have his gun rights taken away. It’s people like this who have ruined it for us legal and responsible gun owners. Lock him up and throw away the key

    • Yup In reality it’s a 22 more power but still 22 def not a big gun, just a big loser in possession of it, pisses me off the only people who have hi cap mags are criminals, law abiding citizens will always be out gunned even by this bozo( they lock him up they just don’t throw the key far enough)😉

      • Black rifles matter

        So true! Makes you wonder if it’s stolen. It’s a very nice and expensive rifle for a shitstain like that to own.

    • Ha-ha. HE had all the keys.

      • Black rifles matter

        That is a good one. It definitely took me a second to get it, but it finally clicked in the ole brain. 👍

  • It’s not the size of the wepon or the features it’s the caliber. We order these in calibers. This is definitely not a wimpy .223 like the CHP has to use. I prefer my combat weapons large caliber. Its hard to tell the in the picture ….just curious.

    • Black rifles matter

      223/5.56 isn’t wimpy. It is a very deadly round. It shoots over 3,000 ft per second and hits hard.
      I too prefer larger Calibers, but, cmon man, don’t call it wimpy.

      • It tumbles or fragments on impact so usually makes a larger wound channel in soft targets by no means whimpy, def not the take down power of 30cal or similar tho, this one is 223/5.56 for sure look at the round compared to the keys. But why would you move the carry handle/rear sight so far forward? Closer sight radius=less accuracy (good thing for this dingbat tho I guess)

  • Thanks I needed that perspective. .223 is a nice varmint load and deadly for sure.

  • How was it concealed???? Ouch!!!

    • Was there another weapon concealed?

      • Black rifles matter

        Negative. Long guns either need to be in the open and not loaded or locked up and unloaded per commiefornia law when transporting. If it was hidden under seat or under blanket and loaded it is considered “concealed”.
        Handguns always need to be locked unloaded and put away when transporting. Unless you are one of the smart Americans that has your ccw permit. Then you can and should have it on you at all times and should be loaded with one in the chamber at all times. 😉 I’m definitely no lawyer, but that’s my understanding and how I go about it. 1 in the chamber and 10 in the clip.

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