Garberville Water: What You Need to Know

Press release from the Garberville Sanitary District:

The Garberville Sanitary District Board of Directors held their scheduled meeting on January 24th, 2017 and want to inform the public that staff worked day and night during the recent heavy rain events to insure that public water [did not] exceed… safe drinking water standards. They also want to thank those operators for their dedicated service to the District and community safety.

We have provided a deposit box outside of the office door for your convenience and are available to assist you with water or sewer related questions or concerns. Although these past storms have provided much needed water for the community and environment, GSD is committed to helping you find ways to reuse water and find ways to conserve water now and in the future. Please contact us for information or with your questions (707)923-9566.



  • Okay, so the water is fine.???????????

  • The wording in this release is incorrect. The water did NOT exceed safe drinking water standards. The excessive turbidity (silt etc.) was filtered out during the storms by our staff working long hours and carefully monitoring the intake and outlet water. Thank you Danny, Brian and Ralph!
    Gary Wellborn, GSD BOD

    • What’s wrong with exceedingly good water? I WANT exceedingly good water. Don’t just be complacent doing the bare minimum.

      • I apologize for inadvertently creating some confusion when I sent this press release but want to clarify that GSD staff worked tirelessly to insure the potable water in Garberville during the storms was much safer than required by State drinking water standards and we are very pleased with the high quality of water we were able to provide.
        I very much appreciate the efforts of staff and the support of the GSD Board.
        Ralph Emerson

    • At what level do they add the Clozaril and Thorazine? Hey Gary: Thanks for “just keeping the doors open!”

  • Horrible headline Kym. “What you need to know”, “5 quick facts”, “Your morning briefing”. These are all mainstream garbage clickbait headline tactics a true journalist would never exercise. By saying it it is all we need to know, you underestimate the readers’ intelligence and close the book on further input. There is a journalistic boundry between providing facts and propagating an agenda. (By this time I might sound like a fake news whistle blower)
    Lets be honest, you missed the real story…. Bigly. Benbow water was purchased by Del Oro Water co, a North/Central Ca conglomerate. There was no info you provided about our water quality either. Sure, a comment about tubidity with no ppm. No tds levels. No tss levels. No measurement of pH. No Cl ppm. How about the carbonate levels and E.C.?
    Since I now know everything I need to know…. Why am I still wondering if this Chico water co is going to start using chloramines (instead of normal chlorine which very easy to remove)?

  • If youre going to insist on congratulating yourself Ralph, at least write the document while you are sober. Dude!

  • He wasnt drunk…. Just having a transcendental moment.

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