Escaped Inmate Recaptured; One Still on the Loose

Edwards, Eddy


An inmate who left the minimum-security camp in Del Norte County has been located and taken back into custody. Eddy Edwards age 47 was located not far from Alder Conservation Camp this morning about 10:30.

“He was apprehended on a road near the camp,” said Lt. James Crandall of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. At this time, no more information has been released.

Another inmate who fled the camp at the same time has not been located. Law enforcement is still searching for Brian Schueren, age 27.

Schueren, Brian

Brian Schueren

Earlier Chapter: Two Inmates Missing From Del Norte County Correctional Center



  • Their parents must be very proud.

  • Say cheeeese! You crazy sumbitches!!!

  • I have heard they get a year on their sentence for escaping, that’s pretty stupid for such a short time being “free” lol

  • Read the charges against them. They did not belong in a fire camp. Violent crime should not be rewarded

    • This is a very well thought out comment. Perhaps you should be rewarded by a few months in a prison camp.

    • CDCR has less to choose from due to the prison realignment
      10 years ago there is no way you would go to camp with a violent Commitment

  • Somebody should put together an escape manual, along the lines of the Anarchist’s Cookbook. Start with all the reasons not to escape, the camps are arguably marginally better than straight stir. Then if one is still compelled suggestions as to how and where. Probably a good idea to make a record of the reasons, “my child is dying”, “they refuse me medical treatment”, “if I risk my life fighting fire I deserve a significant sentence reduction which is denied me”. Give the lawyers something to work with.

    It is probably true that many inmates will be found to have a history of less than stellar decision making.

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