‘Lake Fortuna’

Sherry Hanson

[Photo by Sherry Hanson]

With all this rain, water saturates meadows and splashes down mountains creating waterfalls. Today Sherry Hanson sent us this image of “Lake Fortuna,” which disappears quickly as the weather dries out.

She explained, “This area floods almost every year and is at the end of Riverwalk Dr. and the freeway on ramp at Kenmar.”

Do you have any of these winter water features near you? We’d love to have you share them with us in the comment section.



  • Would be a great place to plant geese and ducks. Charge a hunting fee…oops can’t do that since the bleeding hearts would cry… fowl.

  • The “Lake” is created by the flood gates for the dike. It helps equalize pressure and keeps the dike from failing when the river comes up….

  • Love the photo. I have another. I See I can’t remove it from posting, once it’s there. I hope it’s a good one. Only saw the thumbnIl

  • Reminds me of Blue Lake, there was a lake many years ago, when it rains so much like this there is water in again similar to Lake Fortuna

  • Blue Lake is still there, year around….The boat launch is gone though.

  • Lovely photo from lovely lady.

    How about the flooded sidewalks all over Eureka? The people they hired to redo the pavement a few years ago did a ‘budget’ job, not even creating adequate drainage. Where is the ADA lawyer when you need him? Next time it is raining should I take a picture?

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