Driver in High Speed Pursuit Last Night Was Arrested After Traffic Collision

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 01/23/2017, at approximately 2240 hours, two officers with the California Highway Patrol, Garberville Area, observed a Dodge pickup matching the description of a vehicle recently involved in a Humboldt County Sheriff Department pursuit. The vehicle was observed traveling at a high rate of speed northbound on Redwood Drive south of West Coast Road. The officers attempted to conduct an enforcement stop on the Dodge which failed to yield. A pursued ensued in which the suspect vehicle traveled northbound on US-101 and southbound on SR-254. The vehicle traveled onto Dyerville Loop Road where it collided with a tree north of Killebrew Lane. The officers conducted a high risk enforcement stop on the vehicle. The driver and passenger were uninjured in the collision.

The passenger was determined to be an innocent party, and was transported to Fortuna at her request. The driver, identified as Arthur Howatt Jr., was subsequently arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Jail. Officers later became aware that Howatt had a felony warrant for his arrest which was issued by the Fortuna Police Department.

Watch a video of this pursuit here: High Speed Pursuit–Officers Chasing a Vehicle Around Southern Humboldt



  • I am a new subscriber. I am enjoying the reports of what’s going on. I have not commented yet, but just wanted to say that I am reading the posts, and getting into the rythm of the publication. Thanks

  • ” The officers conducted a high risk enforcement stop on the vehicle.”

    Cops have a shitty job there is no doubt about that. But for pet sakes stop making such a big fucking deal and being so scared about everything. There was 135 cops that died on duty last year, of those only 65 were killed by an assailant, the rest died of traffic collisions mostly caused by them, the rest from heart attacks and the like. Cops ranked number 16 or number 17 on the most deadly jobs list that’s below Farmers, Engineers, crabers, fisherman, loggers and construction workers. If you’re a scaredy-cat chicken shit you probably shouldn’t be a cop.
    In contrast over 1200 civilians were killed by cops last year, that makes you over nine times more likely to be killed by a cop than in a mass shooting.

    • Sickofpeoplelikeyou

      Saying it’s a “high risk enforcement stop” does not imply the officers are scared it simply informs the reader of the type of stop that was used to contact and remove the subject from the vehicle. Till you walk a mile and know don’t assume.

    • Sounds like you think you can do their job!! Put up or shut up!!

      • Why do you libs have to personally attack anybody you don’t agree with.
        Also I’m a local construction worker who has been building houses around here for 20 years. My job is way higher on the most dangerous jobs list. Most cops probably couldn’t do my job.

        • thanks for measuring your worth for us since no one cares…but seriously wtf with the “you libs” comment? No one said anything to you dude…keep your politics in your pants.

        • You don’t think your original post was not a personal attack? Wow!

          • If you are asking THC that, I’d say no, not at all an attack on any person, least of all cops.
            OTOH traffic stops are pretty dangerous

        • Seek help. You are delusional.

        • Really ? That is your comment here. To let us know how “high risk” your construction job is. And that a LEO probably couldn’t do your job. Absurd.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          “Scaredy cat chicken shit” was your term for cops who approach a suspect car with weapons. So who’s making personal attacks now? You conservatives are so brainwashed, you think nobody can see through your bullshit. Now we have a president with your discernment capacity. And it shows.

    • Part of the reason only 65 cops were killed by assailants last year is precisely BECAUSE they are careful, and conduct things such as “high risk enforcement stops” when dealing with suspected felons in a drug and firearm saturated county.

    • Totally agree, I’m in construction too, I build picnic tables , and is way way more dangerous than eating donuts.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      THC, you are a real downer, you hate everything and everybody. After a high speed chase, police have every right to hope for the best, but prep for the worst. I guess you missed the recent case where game wardens were shot at by suspected poachers. It just makes sense, with all the tweakers and nutjobs floating around.

      True, police work on average is safer than other jobs like fishing, logging, etc. but going armed and armored into conflict as a cop is no different than using safety gear in any job. You hate everything.

  • Is this the same Arthur Howatt, or the son of the Arthur Howatt that fled out Hwy 36 back in Dec 2015, while carrying a couple pounds of Marijuana? He had a felony warrant for evading at the time and he was a proud Fotuna resident also.

  • Isn’t 2240 hours on Jan. 24, 11:24pm *tonight*?

    Do they mean ‘0240’?

  • I heard the sirens. I used to listen to the scanner all the time. Now I read Kym’s news. Thanks Kym😚

  • To construction worker dude: do you wear body armor everyday? Enough said.

  • There is an average of 4800 construction workers killed on the job each year compared to 135 police officer’s now tell wich is more dangerous. Not saying cops have an easy job, I wouldn’t want to do it but it’s not as dangerous as they make it out to be.

    • I work construction also. Have you ever been shot at, had to chase someone down with a knife, knock on a door where a man/woman have been beating a child. I wouldn’t want their job at all. They are underpaid and under appreciated. They never know what is going to happen day to day. Their jobs are unpredictable. You and I we go to work knowing what’s going to happen. Sure we walk across 2×4 20 feet in the air and work with tools that can chop a hand off in a split second but at least you know what’s going to happen in your day and most construction accidents are avoidable and are due to negligence.

    • 4800 ? Wow , we need to jack the workers comp premiums up and get more construction sites checked out by osha immediately , and make all contractors enroll themselves and employees in drug and alchol pull programs to get this undercontrol , maybe require a medic at every job site and have transportation to hospital lined up

  • THC, [edit] Construction is a dangerous job but not so much around here. How many construction workers were murdered for doing their jobs?

    • You call THC an idiot and a “a lib” (oooh, that’s gotta sting!)(not really, lol) because he dared criticize cops safety claims?

      geez, dude, he voted for trump, you are a sore winner.

      • Deborah Hill Holberg

        Why have all of you gotten off the point, this was about a high speed chase!!!!! [edit] all you do is be critical about everyone else.

  • high risk job is trimming with out scissors ,sticky fingers,hard on your nails plus little or no recognition no osha or 401ks

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