[UPDATE 9:25 a.m.] Operation Connected to an Attempted Homicide, Say Sheriff’s Office] Convoy of Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies in Miranda

Just before 8 a.m. today, a convoy of seven to eight Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles rolled up School Road in Miranda, according to a witness. According to traffic over the scanner radio, Code 33 was declared—only emergency transmission allowed to make sure the line remains clear for officers’ communications. As of 8:10, Code 33 is still in effect even though one person was detained, according to scanner traffic.

We’ve requested more information from the Sheriff’s Office and will update as soon as possible.

UPDATE 8:25 a.m.: An ambulance is staged (waiting at a safe location close to the action but not in it) at the Miranda Market.

UPDATE 8:43 a.m.:
According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, two individuals have been detained at this point but “Code 33 [is] still in effect.” This means that officers are still looking for more individuals.

UPDATE 8:57 a.m.: Code 33 is cancelled.

UPDATE 9:20 a.m.: Lt. Swithenbank tells us that this operation was in relation to the woman who was shot in the leg on January 19--an attempted homicide. At this point we don’t know who was detained or what are the charges if they were arrested.

UPDATE 9:25 a.m.: Casey Felt was arrested, Swithenbank tells us. “SWAT just cleared the scene. Detectives [are] remaining on scene for a further investigation.”

UPDATE: Ex Arrested in Case of Woman Allegedly Shot by Masked Gunmen



  • I hope all LEO remain safe

    • I hope they don’t kill someone for no reason. Although, it’s Miranda, they’ll be white, no chance of an “accidental” shooting.

      • Tell us how many black people have been shot by any law enforcement agency in Humboldt County in the past, however many years you want to go back. Why did you put “accidental” in quotes? I’m pretty sure most police officer shooting are not “accidental”.

      • Well then maybe black people shouldn’t commit 75% of all shooting, 70% of all robberies and 66% of all violent crime. And if you think that’s racist you can blame the FBI, those are their numbers not mine. and most of those crime statistics come from democratically-controlled cities so don’t blame conservatives.

        • please provide a link to your stats.

        • THC, huh? Don’t you realize the demon weed is being used by colored jazz musicians to lure your white [edit] women into bed?

        • Those are not accurate statistics. Here is the FBI stats by race. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2014/crime-in-the-u.s.-2014/tables/table-43 “In 2014, 69.4 percent of all individuals arrested were white, 27.8 percent were black, and 2.8 percent were of other races.” Note: White includes hispanics. “White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race and accounted for 59.4 percent of those arrests.” and “Of adults arrested for murder, 50.9 percent were black, 46.7 percent were white, and 2.5 percent were of other races.”

          Of course, these statistics don’t account for which of these folk arrested were born in poverty–which is probably the single biggest predictor of not only committing crime, but of being arrested and being convicted.

          • Chuck D for President

            Hallelujah. Thanks Kym. Promise I didn’t mean to start a class war on your awesome as always site.

          • thanks Kym, and remember that is for 2014 and is a pretty current level of racial profiling.
            Racial profiling for whatever reasons personal and/or institutional certainly does still go on, both on the street but also in the DAs office and courts too, and contributes to these numbers to some degree.
            There are no facts that say that some cops and some public safety/law enforcement/DA/courts’ institutions are perfectly unbiased against blacks and poc, and lots of facts to say they are not. And that usually is not for lack of trying.
            Whether racial bias or poor areas ‘just’ getting more police attention, it is still an effect of centuries of racism in all it’s many and cumulative effects.
            That does not say that many individual officers are anything but professional and careful not to to express racial bias, but it is still baked into the American psychic cake and will take several more generations for it to recede.

            Thanks for the facts as we know them, according to the FBI…I bet there are some Alt-Facts too.

          • Thank you! Too many people pull their statistics out of their ass. We need more people like you with a grip on reality.

          • if ‘white” includes hispanic,these are also not accurate statistics.

              • Kym I’m pretty sure what he is saying is that the statistics you provided includ Hispanics in the White category. Hispanics are now a majority in California and a couple other states so if you were to separated these two races it would reduce the “white” crime level. Race doesn’t really concern me, all I care about is that who ever you are that you respect the country and contribute to it instead of take from it.

                I do apologize if you thought my comment was race based, I was just trying to point out that intercity black males generally commit or at least are arrested disproportionately to their population percentage compared to any other “race” in America. Perhaps it is just racism, but it doesn’t seem to affect any other “minority” in the same way. Personally I would blame MTV and the Thug cultured.

                • THC, you never provided a link to your stats.

                  And even granting the point that “white” and “Hispanic” are lumped together here, the numbers don’t leave room for the high figures that you initially attributed to blacks.

                  Shouldn’t you either back up your initial “stats” or else disavow them?

              • it means exactly what it says..if the statistics lump two races in as one,they are not accurate statistics.this is a fact regarding the accuracy of the statistics,not a judgement upon the character or value of any race.

              • You know exactly what it means. If Hispanics were lumped in with Blacks you would, no doubt, be crying foul for the distorted statistics.
                The FBI statistics that S Clemens points out shows that blacks commit crime at twice the rate of whites and violent crimes at nearly four times the rate of whites.
                With all due respect, your liberal bias is blatant. You are quick to attempt to dismiss THC’s original post while ignoring the point. You also dismiss guest’s point by quibbling with the difference between race and ethnicity. This is your site and you can do what you want. I guess people should be aware that this is more Op Ed than news.

            • Wohooo! Hispanics are part of the master race! But, why do you want to deport me?

              • I don’t want to see Hispanics citizens deported they’re as American as I am. I do want to see illegal immigrants regardless of what country they come from or color their skin is that are coming here to mooch off our welfare system deported. however I don’t think a mass Roundup is necessary. illegal immigrants can be deported as they commit violent crimes, if they came here to work and be part of the society I have no problem. But I know you don’t care what my opinion is;<)


                I would also like to see citizens that abused the welfare system stopped as well. Although generally speaking they've had generations of family members paying into the system already.

                • Illegal immigrants can’t get welfare, or food stamps. Quit talking out of your booty.

                • Duh, did you read the link. They can if they have a kid in the United States and so can their spouses.
                  The average household headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) costs taxpayers $6,234 in federal welfare benefits, which is 41 percent higher than the $4,431 received by the average native household.

          • Jeez … statistics … tricky.

            From the FBI page (https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2014/crime-in-the-u.s.-2014/tables/table-43)
            6,056,687 Arrested White
            2,427,683 Arrested Black

            US Census for 2016 (https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/table/PST045216/00)
            says population is 323,127,513 and:
            77.1% population white – that would be 249,131,312
            13.3% population black – that would be 42,975,959

            Then arrested white / population white = 2.43%
            Then arrested black / population black = 5.65%

            Violent Crime white (231,750) / population white = 0.09%
            Violent Crime black (147,002) / population black = 0.34%

            And so on.
            No doubt there is a racial bias factor … but still….

            No agenda … you just made me curious.

            … one more way to look at the numbers….
            What was that quote … oh, yeah: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

          • So if hispanics are lumped into the white category we can guess half of the white stats are not actually white???

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        You [edit] can’t make it two posts without starting some flame war over cops can you?

        • Honestly I’m just bored on the hill having fun playing devils advocate. I’m actually white, probably middle classed based on my income and from Chicago where I will walk through any neighborhood fearlessly but have felt the sting of brutality at the hands of those sworn to protect me and turn to leave anytime I see them near. And I don’t blame conservatives for the police brutality epidemic, merely for dismissing it. I also blame them, preemptively, for destroying what’s left of the environment, trashing reproductive rights for women, engaging in class warfare on behalf of corporations, etc.

          • I’m a registered Democrat who voted for Barack Obama facepalm. Voted for Trump this time, don’t believe in the right, left paradigm. We’ll see how that works out, not like there’s much alternative. Seems like over the last 30-plus years it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Republican or Democrat in the office middle and lower-class Americans of all color and Creed got fucked.

            • More than agreed. I’m not liberal or conservative. Two sides of the same coin that got laid on a railroad track with the corporate overlords barreling straight for it. We’re all that coin. Let’s derail the motherfuckers.

            • THC, stand by for your turn in the barrel you cut your & a lot of others throts nearly literally!!!! Your POTUS (NOT mine) wants to gut Social Security which pays for SSI as well so then what am I going to do with NO income to pay my bills??? I can’t work I’m physically not able to!!! So thnks Buddy for voting in White Trash to the White House!!!

              • I believe he promised to NOT cut SS or MEDICARE.
                I did not vote for him.
                I think no elected representative has the balls to cut SS. They talk about it. But they would be tossed out in the following election.

              • Well at least I understand now why you’re so bitter Dan.

                Do you understand that the United States of America is over 20 trillion dollars in debt? do you really think they will be able to keep paying your Social Security benefits if they keep the spending spree up. I’ve been paying into social security for over 20 years, and still am. I would sure like to get some of my money back too when I’m old and want to retire.

            • And it looks like you have the same alternative facts…

      • [edit] by the way PIG stands for Pride, Integrity and, Guts.

      • Hey, let’s all get high as shit and say random inflammatory stuff on RHBB…

  • Bad comment you still have 12 minutes to change it hurry up….

  • Wow surprised to see the edits. Usually edits only happen in comments involving women/marijuana.

  • https://ucr.fbi.gov/
    This is the link for the FBI website Uniform Crime Reporting section.
    They have recently released the basic info for the first half of 2016. On the
    right side of the page there is a listing of the reports and the last in the list you can click on to download the Excel files. I believe the first category is the one which be of the most interest. I don’t have an Excel reader, so can’t open it.


    I believe the report for 2015 should be available somewhere on that page,
    I’m just offering this so both sides of a dispute which concerns crime statistics
    can look at the same data (or anyone else who’s curious).

  • Google earth trinity pines hayfork ca. As long as that’s how’s it is. This is how it’s going to be

  • I know the lady whom was shot and she has a dark past and has even stolren from her Father and gets in violent altercations with her Mother. The parents raise either respectable children whom are a product of there up bringing and in some cases are criminals no matter how well. Point being Mental problems that need attention and the proper medications if able to help or correct the cemical in ballence of the brain. In this case She is a product of up bringing of two parents that have past drug arrest and have mental problems. Sucks the child pays the price as this Lady whom was raised in a drug,violent,neglectfull ghome /with no good direction and the result is this sad on going crime and violence.God forbid she has any kids and there raised by this sick woman. I choosed to raise my daughter in a good stable home and she is a up standing Lady in our comunity. Pray we get mental health back. WEDESPERATLY NEED BETTER OUT PROGRAMS AND HELP FOR PEOPLE LIKE THIS POOR LADY.

    • LISA KAYE, the woman who was shot has a sister – they were raised together. how is it that one grew up to be this wild child we deal with – while the sister child grew up to be responsible, respectful, focused, concerned for others and successful?

      shit happened. shit happens. family dynamics…the wrong lessons are taught/learned – this happens to most people, i think. such is life, eh?
      who does not have regrets over such things? my child is healthy, stable, respectful and responsible – and mostly sane. i got lucky. he should be a screwed mess. but we’ve had 42 yrs to work it out and find balance.

      anyway, i’ve been in the company of those 3 women a few times and there was a lot of love shared…no matter what the situation might have been brewing at those times.
      seems 2 women have become wiser through it all. seems one woman is a little slower at attaining some much-needed wisdom. hopefully it will come with age. soon. it would be a relief to see our friend get some good counsel and see where she can make a better choices and start to enjoy a decent life – use some of her energy and take care of herself.

      please – know their mom is one of the hardest working women i know who will put in a 24 hr day when needed. she does it for those kids of hers.
      she’s honest, kind, loving and generous in every way. she seldom complains. maybe she does over-compensate now. she does blame herself for the way her daughter rebels.

      just keep praying to whomever it is you pray to, and i thank you.

  • Wasn’t this artical bout a 24 yr. young woman gettin shot with a shot gun. Wow how fast we veer into the ever blue younder.

  • When is Casey going to get locked up for a good amount of time? This guy is a piece of shit he’s one of the main dealer’s of anything from pill’s to powder’s and stolen shit!! Knowing how spoiled this little punk is he’s probably already been bailed out!!!

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