[UPDATE Tuesday] Three Vehicles Involved in an Injury Traffic

Three vehicles were involved in a traffic collision at approximately 10:50 a.m. One person was injured. This is impacting the northbound traffic near the Bayshore Mall.

UPDATE 11:18 a.m.: According to the officer on the scene, the green car was in the turn lane getting ready to turn onto Highland Avenue. The white vehicle hit her from behind and knocked her into the tan vehicle.

[Photos by Stormy Taylor]

UPDATE: Road clear.

UPDATE Tuesday: According to Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department,

[The] white Suburban was traveling north on Broadway approaching Highland.  The green sedan was in the center turn lane of Broadway facing south.  The driver of the sedan turned left in front of the Suburban.  The suburban broadsided (t-boned) the sedan which caused the sedan to get pushed into a car stopped at the stop sign on Highland.



  • Pretty comical to watch 20 percent of the drivers these days, very entertaining, not sure how they got a license and if they are just on drugs or no common sense but either way funny to watch. After they wreck , they look dumbfounded, hilarious

  • Better than sitting at a Greyhound bus station!!😂😂😂😂

  • Did everyone in Eureka get their DL from a box of Cracker Jack???? First the driver who hit a pedestrian & thought they had “Blown a tire” & now this mucking fess Holy Shit-take mushrooms!!!!

  • looks like a dead jag.

  • Drove through Eureka at around 6;30 pm friday night, counting vehicles obviously being operated by DUI. Doing a GREAT job, magazine emptiers! Maybe Eureka should hire some cops willing to cite on a rainy night…

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