Did They Stumble Upon an Authentic Totem Pole or Is This the Fun Variety?

Totem pole in the sand

We suspect this isn’t an ancient artifact but….

Two guys found this totem pole on the South Jetty beach Saturday about a mile down the beach from the jetty itself.

Got any info about it? Think it might be yours? You can contact the finders at humboldthoney45@hotmail.com.



  • Burn this witchcraft fast

  • I bet the south jetty is littered with awesome trees and stumps right now. Now is the time to make those fence posts you need.

  • It’s not finders keepers anymore. That’s County, State or Federal property. BLM is on the way.

  • Sure doesn’t look like Native art, and in any case, it doesn’t belong to the people who stumbled on it. There are tribal experts who should be consulted before anything else, but once it’s authenticity has been determined or debunked, either state or federal rules apply to its disposition.

    • Amimissingsomething

      And that is your learned opinion?? People such as yourself should stfu. Why don’t we spend a million dollars on a study that will come to the conclusion we need another study only to find out someone carved it in there backyard up in Shivley. You’re part of the problem!!!

  • It’s mine & those two guys need to bring it back to me right now!

    • Yep, It’s Robin’s alright. That’s her right on top.

      Just funning you Robin. It’s good to know that you are still around!

  • Could it be from Japan after the big earthquake

  • If one is truly interested, one can go to the Fish and Wildlife office in Eureka, and get a free wood permit that will allow you to collect free firewood in the South Spit area. When you come to the office you’ll need the vehicle description and licenses number. The permit will allow for collecting thru Feb 2017. Fish and Wildlife Eureka office is at 619 Second Street, and open for permits M-F 8 Am to 5 PM. Closed during lunch 12 to 1.

  • It’s carved with a chainsaw, definitely not an artifact lol

  • Prudes, I tell ya. It’s funny (not funny) how a person can make a career on this blog wishing for juvenile shoplifters to get ass raped in prison, but non-sequitor sexual comments in frilly featurette posts like this, directed at nobody, are taboo. Prudes, sigh.

  • Looks like there’s enough bark left on the tree to identify the species. That would be a good start in determining its origin. If it’s redwood then it probably washed out the mouth of the Eel.

  • Chainsaw cuts. Not that old

  • Menehune traveled on it from Hawaii….

  • If it glows in the dark it’s fron Japan!

  • Is this where the old South Jetty Outlaw Village used to be? That place was a site to see.. maybe it’s a remnant from there..

  • I’m pretty sure that is the totem that someone was working on on the river bar out Camp Kimtu road in Garberville. Could always see it on the river bar out the back of my parents property. And then with the last storm the river rose high enough and took it away.

  • That totem has been laying on it’s back, on the river bar off kimtu road near garberville for about 6 or 8 years. It had a bird beak where the square hole is. Somebody used to come down and work on it every once in a while during the summer, but I never saw who it was, just the changes they made. I’ve walked by it hundreds of times over the years. Always thought it was a cool project someone was working on.

  • Hey, isn’t that one of the props from Gilligan’s Island? It must have floated all the way up here from Malibu…..”Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…..” Well, maybe not.

  • Google…”.Form Line Design”.
    There are some rules for doing this type of art, this person doesnt know that. But its way fun!Got there faster than the mail!

  • That ‘totem’ floated under the Con Camp bridge on January 17th.

  • Jermaine Brubaker

    I saw in a recent facebook “totem discovery” post that a man that lived near Camp Kimtu carved it, and it was lost in a high water event. A man came forward on the post claiming to be the artist, i will see if i can find ththat st post. This carving is coming up a lot in my feed lately!

  • noel boquet ahmad

    It was made by a local gent… and got washed away… would be really cool to see if it gets washed to another beach and another kind of like a really cool message in a bottle traveling art piece. It looks awesome where its at. I vote leave it and let people admire it til it moves on and then others will admire it too xx

  • Could these be from near Vashonn Wa? There were totum poles missing from there?

  • This is not in any way the style of the PNW native arts either classic or modern, no form line, no ovoids (and we live and die by our ovoids), no s-lines and no u-lines. Chainsaw carving not native.

  • It isnt finished that wood doug fir is hard as a rock and ruined many of chains it took alongtime to get that much carved and for those who say that it isnt Native think again i have tlingit blood running though my veins. Its alasken figures they are not perfect i was only practising

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