‘Promote What You Love,’ Urges Letter to the Editor

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(Note: Illustrated with photos from the Women’s March in Eureka.)

women's march participants

[Crop of photo by David Nelson]

An Open Letter:

I’m going to say it once: if you don’t want to march, don’t. Don’t like the cause? Don’t support it. Want to go to a Trump rally? Go. Want to go to a gun show? Go! None of these negate the others.

Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.When we start taking others lives and choices as personal attacks against our differing views, you leave your lane and jump into someone else’s.

Yes, I enjoy many freedoms that are not afforded to those in other countries. Most of that reform has come through the valiant efforts of women past who were not afraid to stand up. I will continue that stance to make sure that future generations enjoy the same freedoms I have and more.

Standing up as a woman does not mean I demean men. My march doesn’t say “this is the way to be a woman”. You can be whatever kind of woman you want… that’s why I choose to march. I’m not saying you are less than because you chose not to. I’m not saying that “you’re a disgrace”. I went because it is important to me. ME! That’s it.

women's march participants

[Photo by by David Nelson]

The same as when you post about your child or your new hair, or your trip to France, or your new gun, or your support of your favorite sports team… none of that is about me, it’s about you. That’s it. I’m not taking offense about the things you like and support in your life because that’s your life.When we start taking others lives and choices as personal attacks against our differing views, you leave your lane and jump into someone else’s. Do you. I’ll do me. And guess what, we can still be friends.I know awesome women, like-minded women, kick ass amazing women that didn’t march. I think no less of them. I think the same things about them as I did prior to this event. Why? Because attendance or absence at an event does not make them more than or less than who they were before.

Also, we are all multi-faceted human beings. No one label will define us. The same as you ask to be seen for more than your vote, I implore you to see beyond stereotypes and labels.We are more alike than not. Don’t let our personal passions divide our common goals. You and I, we are human beings, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, who love, who succeed and fail, who rise up time and again searching for our own slice of happiness, whatever that may look like to each of us. Lisa Music


women's march participants

Youth marching and chanting in the Eureka Women’s March. [Photo by Lynae McCarthy]



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