[UPDATE] Have You Lost Your Heart? One Was Found…

Heart shaped remembrance urn

Back and front side of the heart shaped remembrance urn that was found. [Photos provided by Brittany Diane]

Today, a woman found a heart-shaped urn in the Eureka area.

“I found it outside my car in Pine Hill on the ground…about 8 this morning,” reports Brittany Diane.

At first she wasn’t sure what it was, but, after looking up the patent number, she discovered it was a remembrance urn. The small-sized urn probably contains only some of a person’s ashes. In some cases, similar urns are distributed with portions of a loved one’s ashes to several members of a family.

“I shook it so it does have ashes in it,” Brittany Diane said. She would like to get it back to the person to which it belongs. Anyone with any information can contact her on Facebook.

UPDATE: In an odd coincidence, it appears that the heart held the ashes of the father of one of our freelance photographers. We’ll try to have more on this tomorrow.




  • Just call Kathleen Bryson.

  • Ashes… or meth. One or the other.

  • Ashes maby,contact xococ Hayden. Looks like baby Joshua’s ashes. He’s in a blue heart. We love you joshua😶

  • Thanks to Brittany and Kym its owner has been found…belongs to a young lady that was her keepsake of her Father’s ashes..stolen 3 years ago.

    • Bitter sweet, so glad it was returned to family

    • J. Worthingham Fatback

      stolen? There is no depth to which the tweaking assholes in this area will not stoop!

    • No I’m sorry she is mistaken those r my sons ashes and that is an urn I bought for his father it’s a gun metal blue heart and I also brought a brass heart identical to this one for my sons daughter Kendra!!! Anyways my ex husband is the one who lost it!!!!! NO there’s no METH in the urn!!! Give me a break!!! Entitled to our opinions is clearly an issue here with this statement! And although there is several things I’d like to say but I will just simply reply it’s too bad that the ignorance of a judgmental prick has to hurt the family who r obviously grieving still!!!!! For the record my son Jordon Antonsen was murdered in Weott back in October!!!! His remains r entrusted in the locked heart shaped urn!!!!! Ironically just as the title of this article states……”HAVE YOU LOST YOUR HEART? ONE WAS FOUND…well yes I lost my heart and my soul the day my son died…..r.i.p baby mama loves you!!!!!😭😭😭😭now plz I can prove its mine plz return it to its ritefull family Thankyou I am in gratitude to you. Thankyou.

    • No no no that’s my brother my dad lost the heart big mistake my dad’s not in the right mindset my number is 707 599 5574 please call me and talk to me that’s my little brother were only four years apart he was 24 when he died I’ve been with them all my life still to this day please give him back to me so I can put him with the rest of his body that I have with me in my room by my bed

  • So glad to hear the little heart found its way home. Thought of the often quoted verse — have seen various versions and attributions — condensed here:

    “I wrote your name on the sand ….
    but the waves washed it away.
    I wrote your name on the sky ….
    but the wind blew it away.
    I wrote your name on my heart ….
    and forever it will stay.”

  • Not mine! I still have my heart on!

  • Those r mine my son Jordin just passed away plz call 7075726344 those r mine I can prove with my paperwork my name is Angie Antonsen (EAST)

  • They are mistaken . Those are my son’s ashes. Please contact me Angie antonson 707 5726344 . I have the paper work to prove those are my son’s ashes

  • Please have your Urns, either full or rememberance, engraved so they can be identified easier.
    If you find these or similar please take them to a local police department to have them return them to the rightful owner.

  • Hoping they didn’t get handed over to the wrong family….sounds like there is some confusion as to who this belongs to.

  • They have been returned to the family and they are grateful…we are sorry for the loss of the other hearts…this heart had an identifying mark on it and was identified as having such a mark…according to the mortuary there is no way to identify the hearts by any serial number…there is only one issued with the original ashes that are Inturned in a regular Urn, these hearts are only keep sake urns…holding a tiny amount of ash. These ashes were not lost..they were stolen..and now they have been returned. It is the ashes of a Veteran who served this country in the Army… he is home with his daughter where he was rightfully gifted to at the time of his death. Its sad that someone came into their home and stole not only his ashes in this heart but also his belongs and anything of value soon after he left this world. We offer up prayers for the other two families who lost their loved ones…we hope you will find some peace and your lost heart. Thank you, Respectfully. Grateful Family

    • I know even tho the mortuary states that only one Heart is issued they also offer the family to purchase more and i know for a fact that Angie Jessie Antonsen had recieved more than one. I was there! To the Mortuary Claiming there isn’t a way to ID by serial Number isn’t what that number is for? Wouldn’t there be a vas difference in Numbers from 3 years ago until now.
      I find it a Lil strange that the unfortunate family that had theirs stolen. Which I am truly sorry for also be at same time the Antonsen family was missing thiers. It is possible they went back to the wrong owner.
      Either way I Pray you all find peace and be Blessed with Much Love.

      • That number isn’t a serial number; it is a patent number. A serial number identifies each thing individually. A patent number identifies a type of thing. An example would be that you might have a serial number identifying your computer. No other computer would have it but all computers with the same make and model would have the same patent number.

  • Found a heart shaped ur… Blue.. actually in Goodwill. Beautiful.. I knew what it was due to burial ol infant. So please send pictures..area Arizona.. taking to. Funeral home to open to see if there. Is a identifier inside.

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