[UPDATE Sunday] Truck Smashes Into Library at CR; Driver [Tries to Steal] ATM

Breaking NewsAccording to scanner traffic, a white truck possibly either a Toyota or a Dodge King Cab drove through the doors at the College of the Redwoods. The driver stole [attempted to steal] the ATM and fled, driving over numerous objects. The vehicle may have serious damage particularly in the rear.

UPDATE 11:51 p.m.: The truck has been located in the Fields Landing area.

UPDATE Sunday: According to a letter sent out by College of the Redwoods’ vice president of administrative services, Lee Lindsey, “vice president of administrative services,

Last night, there was an unsuccessful attempt to steal the Higher One ATM using a stolen pickup truck.  Public Safety contacted the Sheriff’s office immediately.  The damaged window in the LRC has been boarded up.  There was also an attempted, but unsuccessful, break-in to some parked vehicles.  The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incidents.



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  • This fucking county I swear, if this was at the Eureka Campus’s library and it is the atm in that hallway by the bathrooms then the security office was literally 100 feet away… Were they caught? Glad they found the truck

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  • Wow! I’ve never heard of such a thing. Either the crime is escalating rapidly here or I’m just paying more attention these days.

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    • Many people took this into consideration on November 8. Keep on marching for your rights though Ladies.

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  • Well I doubt they stole the money to buy groceries.

  • Check pics/ video of yesterday’s Hillary rally. Guaranteed this perp was at the rally. Probably went broke making vulgar signs and needed cash on the way back to wherever.

  • CR reports that the ATM was not successfully stolen, and that some parked cars were unsuccessfully broken into. Also, the truck used to break in was apparently a stolen vehicle.

  • This person probably didn’t want to take the time to find a backhoe in order to do the smash and grab, like was done to the Blue Lake gas station a few months back.

  • A while back three guys tried to cut open the Ferndale ATM, and were snagged by the local constabulary… one of them tried to run away out the front door and was stopped by the thick polycarbonate (not glass) in the door… “Boing”… and right back into Deputy Dawg’s arms.

    This kind of theft is more common in larger urban areas, so far… like this YouTube from Spokane…

  • Was their even money in the Atm??

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