[UPDATE 12:36 a.m.] Ten Thousand Without Power

PG&E FEATURE CandleHigh winds and rain are wreaking havoc on electricity customers in northern Humboldt. Multiple residences are without power from McKinleyville to Ferndale

A tree tangled in power lines dropped to the ground near the intersection of Buhne and S Streets in Eureka around 9:30 p.m.. The road is blocked, according to dispatch.

In the Kneeland area a woman driver is stuck in her vehicle under downed power lines after a tree fell Greenwood Heights Drive. A trailer is also “stuck.”

There is a downed power line in the Ferndale area.

UPDATE 9:58 p.m.: “There are several trees down and several vehicles trapped,” according to dispatch. “County Roads is closing Greenwood Heights.”

UPDATE 10:12 p.m.: “Subject trapped in an elevator between floors,” reports dispatch.

Also a tree is down Wood and L Streets in Eureka.

UPDATE 10:18 p.m.: Road is closed near Walnut Drive and Aldo Court as a tree is down.

Tree down in the 3400 Block of O Street.

UPDATE 10:44 p.m.: PG&E reports that about 5000 people are without power in Eureka itself. This is not counting the outlying areas.

UPDATE 10:54 p.m.:  A blown transformer is being blamed for Eureka’s power outage, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 11:03 p.m.: “Power lines down with explosions. All the power is out in the town of Samoa,” reports one emergency worker on the scanner.

UPDATE 11:17 p.m.: Senator Mike McGuire tweeted,

UPDATE 11:40 p.m.: A carport is collapsing on Sunshine Way in Eureka. (According to scanner traffic, a home was damaged badly earlier but we couldn’t tell where the incident occurred.)

UPDATE 12:36 a.m.: We’re receiving a report of power coming back on in Eureka. PG&E’s Outage Map does not yet reflect that though.



  • This weather is so crazy… Bring on Summer already..

    • My 2cents, take it or leave it :)

      Winter is important to our local ecosystems&lives on many levels and for many reasons.
      The rain is what keeps our forests beautiful.
      Sorry but these are the kinds of storms weve had in the past, just not the past 4-5 years, so if it doesnt agree with you then perhaps this is not the right place for you.
      I personally dont want to ever see a drought like that again and so i ask that folks dont wish rain away.
      Its good for us to be put in our place by nature. We live in communities that will help one another when weather amps up. Ask for help if you need it.
      Its a good reminder to have extra food water medications pet food batteries flashlights etc around, and to keep a few things in your car like toothbrush and clothes in case your road gets blocked and you cant get home for a day. Good preparedness for earthquakes too, which we are lucky enuf to not be having during a major storm like Italy has.
      Lots and lots of places in our world deal with way harsher winters and survive. The drought weakened trees and the lack of big storms in the last few years means years of tree growth without adapting to this weather, so we do have a lot of trees going down.
      In my humble experience, intense winters bring an incredible spring, internally and externally.
      I hope you too find the joy of that first real spring day after a long cold winter and revel in the abundance of flowers and the knowledge you made it through 🙂 More water in the rivers for swimming this summer!!

    • YES!!! Solar Powered here bring on Summer ASAP!!! I know we need all the rain we can get but that does not mean I have to like it!!! Grey, grey go away…!!!

    • Trumpy did it to punish the protesters…

      • You mean Russia hacked the trees…!

      • I was thinking that God is mad that Trump is President

        • Agreed 250%!!!! But since there is NO God I’m not sure who or what is pissed off but they are & rightfully so!!! DJ Donnie is spinning out of control already!!! He of the”Magic Axe cutting ALL the social programs such as MediCare & MedicAid to the bone!!! If some elderly die from lack of care since those programs aren’t going to be paying SH!T OH WELL!!!! No great loss they would have died soon enough anyway!!! Keep on spinning & Tweeting DJ Donnie!!!!! A$$HOLE!!!!!!

  • Power outage northeast of Eureka High School at 10:00p.m.

  • Bring it on! I love winter. 🙂

  • Its 2017, one rainstorm kicks out power for thousands.
    Isn’t it time to abandon them wild west telephone poles from the 1800s?
    The cables and powerlines belong underground, civilized western countries have been doing so for about a century. What is taking so long? Why haven’t they done this already and what are they waiting for? Where is our money really being spent?
    They will not cut branches hanging right over lines because they would have to do this all over, rather they have the branch take the line down in a storm so it can cause more damage and may even start a fire just so they can bill the taxpayer for all the extra time and material it takes to repair the now excessive damage,.. Why isn’t anyone asking these questions? How does it not make sense to cut down the very apparent danger dangling over humboldts powerlines? Why does every single thing have to be corrupted? Why?

    • Great points. Time to file some complaints

    • Ive wondered the same, lets all ask pge why not

    • All excellent questions for which no one seems to have any good answers, just more smoke & mirrors added to a blustering idiot as always!!! It’s seldom what you have to say that impresses the masses than how you say it, of course be certain to repeat it Ad Nauseum while you’reat it!!! If you tell the same lie, time in & time out it will be believed as being true, whether or not it actually is!!! Common Sense sadly isn’t as common as it used to be!!!

      • This isnt flat territory like kansas where y’all come from. Youll notice we have nearly as many slides as downed trees. Its faster and cheaper to clear trees to restore power.

    • So right. We are living in dark ages with above ground power lines.
      Spend so much money fixing them.

    • good point.
      i have seen trees cut in half because of power lines, the come up our street every year and hack away at them..stumping their growth

  • Is it stormy or is it winter?

  • Power is out in Eureka roughly east of say W street on both sides of Harris. The neighborhood around St Joe’s Hospital is out. The Hospital is likely on back-up generator.

  • Donald Trump will make the weather great again

  • Power is out in Arcata near Union and 7th

  • I think its partly that the system is functioning very well for its designers that most folks haven’t gotten to see other even poorer countries in Europe, that have managed to bury their power underground, keeping a lot of people busy doing funny things to cover the next rent check, or keeping them behind bars.
    Maybe because in the old countries people have figured out over time to demand this sort of stuff to happen as they are aware that 9 of 10 tax dollars comes from the working class people, perhaps because of being the old country and time having lapsed unlike here where the baby is so fresh and naive it believes everything the system tells it,.. Maybe time to grow up, we have paid for it, development and all, maybe time to demand a change.

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