[UPDATE] Carjacking Near Bear River Casino

Breaking news graphicScanner traffic indicates that the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man and a woman who were involved in a carjacking this afternoon near the Bear River Casino. The vehicle taken was a blue 1994 Toyota Tacoma pickup. Cash was also taken.

The woman victim reports that the two forced her to exit her vehicle and fled in two vehicles. The woman in her Toyota and the man in a newer model black Toyota Tacoma. The victim reports that the man implied he had a firearm and the woman suspect pulled her out of her vehicle punching her several times in the face.

The suspects may be headed to Eureka.

UPDATE: The female suspect was arrested near N&S Liquors. The stolen pickup was recovered. The Lost Coast Outpost also reports that another stolen vehicle was recovered.

[Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Law enforcement with pulled over vehicle

[Photo by Stormy Taylor]



  • Geeze!hope she’s ok.stupid theives

  • Scum in general. I guest beariver needs a drone patrolling the parking lots .

  • Any description of the people who did this?

  • At or near? If AT then they are on camera and caught soon, if close then probably at the mini breaking bad subdivision

  • Sounds like there is a lot more to this.
    They had a vehicle so they were not taking the vehicle because they needed one and the woman pulls the victim out of the car and hits her several times.
    Could be the victim owes someone some money or she is dating someone elses ex-boy friend and the vehicle belonged to him. Who knows, but I have a feeling it wasn’t just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Shits getting weird around here. There must be a Bad batch of dope going around.

  • Sounds a lot like north of Miranda

  • Beatrice Campbell

    Actually the woman stated she was getting paid…the woman who just bought the truck in trade for a box of trim and the piece of shit that got the trim and worked it decided he would have his cake and eat it too and get the truck back after the shatter was made….so he sent these two people to retrieve the truck and make sure they took the keys as well…and the guy stomps her hand and stole her phone…after he puts her in a headlock and drags her out of the truck…so speculation, yes more to it…but the woman is now out a box of trim and a truck…bummer!

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Thanks for sharing!

      You could tell that devil’s lettuce was involved.

      Devil’s lettuce, Toyota trucks, and terrorism all go hand in hand.

      Sad that ISIS with neck beards and 707 stickers are allowed to openly commit acts of terror.

      Hopefully, Trump will sign an executive order to engage these terrorists and ship them to Guantanamo.

      • I usually ignore your insane drivel, but calling locals ISIS, is just wrong. F@ck you! How can you compare the two? Your day must really suck. I couldn’t imagine being so ignorant and full of negativity. Your probably just a vile individual. One of the people you see in the grocery store and get the feeling you never want to engage in any form of communication with. You probably stink of BO and have rotten teeth.

        • Honeydew Bridge Chump

          Growers are just like ISIS…

          Murder, destruction, Toyota trucks, rape, theft….

          You can’t tell the difference between growers and ISIS, because they are the same.

          Growers believe that in the afterlife they will be given 99 plants and 72 virgins.

          How else can you explain the acts of terror and property destruction caused by growers and their ISIS followers?

          Make America Beautiful – LEAVE!

          • Maybe you will end up one of their prisoners and you can tell us how that goes for you. “Gargle gargle” will not suffice as a comment

            • It’s not the growers it’s the tweekers that are everywhere trying to make a dollar. Notice they said box of TRIM… Trimagrent written all over this story.

      • Sad that you think these people who live and raise family’s around you are the problem when you are actually worse than most of them, ingnorance is bliss I guess you should take a long look in the mirror ever once in awhile and consider why you are so much better than everyone else

  • Another early prelim for tomorrow’s Hillary rallies. Could be quite a ride be vigilant and stay safe out there everyone.

  • This Incident happen near Bear River Casino NOT at Bear River Casino . Get Your Facts Straight……

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