90-Year-Eureka Man Still Skiing

A 90-year-old Eureka man swoops down the slopes of Mt. Bachelor in this recently posted YouTube video. Darrell Price began skiing at age 53 and never quit. Price who has a contractor’s business in Eureka is also a veteran of WWII.

Price loves to ski. “I like the feel of sailing down the hillsides,” he explained. “It’s a big thrill to go over those groomed runs. I’ve got about 40 days in this season so far.”

He isn’t surprised by his ability to keep skiing either. “I exercise quite a bit,” he said. “The things I got to do, I just keep at ’em. I’m trying to get the snow off my roof right now. It’s pretty slick up there.”

90 years old and he’s up on his roof clearing the snow…..May we all be so healthy.



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