[UPDATE] Big Rig Overturns Off Hwy 101 Near Piercy

At 8:52 a.m. a big rig plowed through the guardrail of Hwy 101 and onto Hwy 271 near Piercy blocking that road. According to the California Highway Patrol Incident site, the truck overturned dumping lumber. We’ll will be trying to get more information. At this time, it appears the 101 is open but 271 is closed there.

UPDATE 9:35 a.m.: According the the CHP Incident site the northbound Piercy offramp is closed.

UPDATE 9:45 a.m.: Here are photos from Patrick Landergen who reports, “One person was transported [and] one cleared at scene.”

Overturned Lumber truck Overturned Lumber truck

UPDATE 12:15 p.m.: According to a man who was on the scene, the couple who were in the cab of the truck lost their black chihuahua. If anyone has seen it, please contact us at mskymkemp@gmail.com and we will try to see the dog and its owners are reunited.

UPDATE 7:31 p.m.: For more information click here: 80 Gallons of Diesel From Overturned Lumber Truck Spilled Into Storm Drain After Crash Today

UPDATE 9:43 a.m. Friday: Goldie, the chihuahua, has been located. Now we’re attempting to contact her owner.

UPDATE: Goldie and her owner were reunited.



  • So now 271 is closed…..geez

  • Driving between leggett and Willits during the heavy downpours, there was a Fed ex truck with an empty car hitch connected with no mud flaps. His speeds were excess of 55 even around tight turns and the water that blew off that trailer as he passed me(3 separate times in the stretch) completely blinded my entire windshield. If I could have ever seen his tag # or other driver id I would have reported him.
    During same trip, just a couple miles west of the slide on 1, another full size 18 wheeler with trailer was going east bound and his speed was dangerously excessive with the trailer teetering at the curve and rocking. The wind from his truck pushed my car toward the guardrail as he blew past going the opposite direction. These truck drivers need to slow down or lose their license. They should have cameras on their drivers to evaluate their safety and speed too. People die all the time from the careless delivery kingpin who is in a hurry for that money and time is pushed for them to be on schedule.

    • In general, the Corporate guys want their drivers going slow. Decreased liability. The speeders are generally small, local companies and gyppo’s, who are barely breaking even on a load.


    • My experience has been that professional truck drivers are far less of problem out there than your average automobile driver.

    • You ultra sensitive liberal,progresive ,socIA list, comunist,whatever clever name you claim, if you are uncomfortable driving on public roads under normal conditions don’t blame your incompetence or fear on someone simply trying to make a liveing

    • So he was driving in excess of 55mph but you managed to pass him at least twice and during this time he was driving in a way that made you uncomfortable

    • i bet he loved passing you 3 times. not comfortable driving in the rain. not safe. then stop driving in the rain. its that easy. were not building a bridge.

    • Another comment from someone that knows NOTHING of what they speak of…..paranoia of trucks is fairly common… Professional help is available.

  • Looks like, from the pics, maybe the load wasn’t tarped in bad weather. Might be another reason to speed.

  • I would say the truck is totaled. The cab looks pretty crushed up, I hope the driver made it out OK. Judging from the pictures and the above comment, I think ‘just… s l o w d o w n. it’s so much easier.

  • Correct me if I am wrong but, aren’t vehicles with more than 4 wheels supposed to maintain a speed of 55 miles per hour? Isn’t that what the road signs say?

  • How is that lumber green delta? More like delta keyboard commando,..

  • Yes all 18 wheelers are required by Law to go 55 MPH no matter what the road conditions is. It’s the Law for all Class A driver’s. Read the Handbook.

    • No mam, 55 mph is the “Max.” speed allowed by law, we aren’t “Required to do 55 at all times , regardless of conditions” maybe YOU should “Read the handbook” and stick to what you do know….

  • I was the first person there most likely was a heart attack or fell asleep. Motor was still running with diesel fuel leaking first thing got it shut off. speed had to be minimal with a full load just cresting the top of the hill both of them seemed ok they were up walking… black chihuahua still missing last seen headed south on 271. Very lucky especially driver landing on his side.

    • Dave, if you learn any more about the Chihuahua, we’ll gladly post about it.

    • Thanx for stopping to check and assist Dave, I’m a family member of the truck owner and a 40 + yr. Veteran of the trucking industry. Most people now days would just drive around and keep going.

  • I didn’t realize what was going on I saw the little black dog running down road south on 271 but couldn’t see wreck from right there and when I saw wreck and pulled up to help them out I asked if they were missing and a dog and they were after that went looked for it down road but looks like it must of veered off somewhere.

  • Wow….that looks so bad! Keeping all in my thoughts and prayers. Praying they also find the little doggie! It must be so scared. 😢


  • I don’t see anywhere in the article that states speed was a factor, anything could have happened to cause this truck to lose control!

  • Scary. Hope all get to go home afterwards, including the little doggie.

  • The person involved in the accident is a friend of ours for 14 years his dogs name is Goldie please keep an eye out she’s an older dog and she’s his world. He’s pretty banged up but now wants to be with Goldie. So please keep an eye out for her.

  • Thank god he is ok and prayers that he finds his dog!!!!
    O the bright siDE of things atleast he didn’t have insurance through JOHN FORD INSURANCE

  • Goldie won’t come to people she doesn’t know easily. She’s skiddish

  • So glad Goldie was located. Just returned from looking for her and read the update! It must have been a long night for her.

  • I’m amazed in this day and age of information, just how uninformed the general population is about truck drivers and the trucking industry as a whole. “If you don’t like trucks, then don’t buy ANYTHING that was delivered by a truck” That will surely teach us a lesson! ( Let me know how that works out for you) “If you’ve got it, a truck brought it”
    Trucks and truck drivers are the hertbeat of America, without them America STOPS literally! So when you see or pass a truck, have a little respect, we work long hours at a virtually thankless job, get cut off 50 to100 times a day, cussed at, sign language etc. while trying to dodge the reckless and irresponsible drivers around us. We’re people with families just like you…..

    • Well put….but have to say they scare me …so I pass quickly…there are irresponsible drivers of all kinds out there that dont respect other drivers or the road they are on….kudos to all you truck drivers out there …but please stay in your lane …you are so much bigger than I am….lol….glad all survived this horrible accident

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