80 Gallons of Diesel From Overturned Lumber Truck Spilled Into Storm Drain After Crash Today

Overturned Lumber truck

An overturned lumber truck blocked Route 271 today. [Photo from Patrick Landergen]

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On January 19, 2016, at approximately 0845 hours, a truck tractor combination vehicle, hauling lumber, was traveling southbound on US-101 in Mendocino County near milepost marker 103.90. For reasons still under investigation, the vehicle drifted to the right causing the vehicle to travel off the west roadway edge of US-101. The vehicle collided with a guardrail and traveled in down a steep vegetation covered embankment towards SR-271 before overturning. The vehicle came to rest on its left side blocking both lanes of SR-271. After the collision, it was discovered the saddle fuel tank had been compromised and subsequently approximately 80 gallons of diesel fuel spilled into a nearby storm drain. Responding personnel implemented preventative measures to prevent further contamination of the spill, Due to the collision and subsequent spill, both lanes of SR-271 were closed at US-101 for clean-up and recovery of the truck tractor combination.

A unified incident command was established on scene and was comprised of the following agencies: California Highway Patrol, Cal-Trans, Mendocino County Department of Health, and Leggett Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

This collision remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol. [The driver was Robert A. Burrus age 49 of Rio Dell. He was uninjured. The passenger is 23-year-old Kyli E. Howard of Eureka. She received minor injuries.]


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  • “…driver WAS…” Was this a fatality? The article says the “passenger IS…”

  • Shitty as that is it’s probably already washed far enough down stream and mixed with enough runoff to do much damage, depending on what’s down stream that is. Didn’t hear if anyone was injured I pray not, be safe out there

  • Epa forces trucks & busses to change out mufflers lest a particle float into the air. Yet they could care less about saddle tank protection covers.
    The sad part is, the fuel literally hurts the environment & water streams.
    The exhaust air particles didn’t hurt seniors & little children when it was illegally pumped into their non ventilated “lab” test room.
    But, that’s none of my business.

  • Maybe the driver will finally get some sleep

  • You have a dirty mind. You should deal in things you can prove.

  • So funny that people comment without reading the text of the article. Just read a headline & jump right in. IT MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID, FOLKS

  • So basically a “Stick Truck” rolled over to play dead & pissed diesel all over the road & down the storm drains to mix with the river the drains empty into, to poison everything downstream!!!! Just F*ing wonderful…. NOT!!!!

    • Ah, so you’re mocking a lumber truck? Do live in a house or a mud and cow shit hut? At some point a truck delivered building materials to your domicile, [edit]. Mock the driver maybe for paying attention to his chic than the road.

  • One drop of diesel pollutes 3500 gallons of h20 easily, ..just one drop.
    How many drops of diesel are in 80 gallons!?
    How did they not notice the rainbows on the wet asphalt?? Isn’t that one of the first things to check on after the occupants are extracted??

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