Man Struck by Car While Walking in the Crosswalk

Law enforcement at a pedestrian accidentA little after 6:30 p.m., a black Volkswagen Jetta struck a man walking in the crosswalk near Calico’s on Redwood Drive in Garberville. The man was partially across the road when he was struck by the vehicle. The man wasn’t badly injured and refused medical treatment.



  • Send the victim to Marci Kitchen’s lawyer to sue the county for improperly maintained roads.

    • The county increased sales tax and isn’t fixing roads properly and doing a terrible job maintaining roads, yet they impose rules and regulations on landowners on road maintenance.
      Some of their roadfixes arent getting reasphalted but graveled, like we are in a third world country or something.
      More taxation and again no representation.

      • Your roads probably won’t be fixed until they wash down the hillside… Briceland Road is one of the most poorly maintained, over-traveled and dangerous roadways in California. Try slowing down!

    • EVERYONE in SOHUM should sue the county for refusing to maintain the roads!!!

      • Let no one say the are not maintaining the roads to drum up support for a tax increase, always for road repairs.
        Don’t say that, they’d never do that.

  • No surprise I was wondering when someone was going to get hit down here the streets have very minimal lighting and no kind of indicators to tell driver’s that someone is crossing the street. The guy should take life is good’s advice!!

    • I agree! I came too close to a pedestrian there on a dark, rainy night and I was watching carefully. They need to add at least a streetlight to that corner.

  • All sorts of drunks and low life’s constantly running out on to the crosswalk after and in the dark with dark clothes as well, probably another local loser muleing meth in a hurry, g Ville is the only place around where idiots jump out on the crosswalk high as a kite like its normal , and zero interest in looking left or right before doing so, because these low life’s are too cool for school. Forget about these idiots!

    • On the other hand, there have been a few persons speeding through Goobsterdam in 4X4’s, in the last 30 years… Everyone should be more considerate, pedestrians should abandon those black hoodies, and drivers should not smoke and drive, and everyone should be aware of hazards, bad roads, animals and other folks. Be careful out there!

  • Blaming the roads is like blaming the dog for having fleas.

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